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twenty one pilots Blows the Minds in Brookyln with Visually Stunning Banditos Tour

Twenty One Pilots Bandito Tour Poster

Pop Break Live: twenty one pilots at The Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York

Words & Photos by Patriciana Tenicela

Let me first admit that going into the twenty one pilot show at Barclays Center, I didn’t know much about the two-piece Grammy Award-winning band. This would be my first time seeing them perform live and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had of course heard a few of their songs on the radio and every once in a while they would pop up on a Spotify playlist. Last fall that all changed as they returned with the release of their highly anticipated fifth studio album Trench, and embarked on the Bandito Tour – which is still going strong 8 months later.

When I arrived I quickly noticed the crowd was a sea of yellow. Their fans were adorned in bandanas and their outfits accessorized with accents of duct tape. Some had arrived as early as Saturday (the show happened on a Tuesday) to get a coveted front row spot against the barricade. Their fan base, also known as the ‘skeleton clique’ could be overheard swapping stories before the show. They recounted past tours, meeting the band and several of them described how twenty one pilots had saved their life. This was dedication and excitement on a level I haven’t witnessed since a mid-2000’s Jonas Brothers concert.

The show began with drummer Josh Dun walking out onto the stage, torch in hand. Both he and singer Tyler Joseph had their faces fully covered in a bandana and ski mask respectively. The band’s charisma and personality was showcased through multiple wardrobe changes, paying homage to past albums. The minimal stage featured a flaming car that singer Tyler performed on, creating a vivid landscape. Their set was broken into acts, bridged together by a walkway lowered from the ceiling leading to a second stage toward the back of the venue.

Their carefully crafted performance also included a smorgasbord of pyrotechnics such as confetti, fire and smoke adding to the spectacle without overshadowing their musicality. Tyler played an array of instruments throughout the night including ukulele, bass and piano while Josh did backflips off said piano and played drums atop the crowd. Their set was a lengthy two hours, mesmerizing and poetic from start to finish. I went into the evening not really knowing who twenty one pilots was, but I certainly left a fan.


Fairly Local
Today’s Your Day (Fatlip song)
Stressed Out
We Don’t Believe What’s on TV
The Hype
Lane Boy
Nico and the Niners

B-Stage Setlist:

Neon Gravestones
Pet Cheetah
Holding on to You
Cut My Lip
My Blood
Car Radio

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