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Umbrellas, Sad Shows & Hulu Comedies: A Look at TV in 2019 (So Far)

The Pop Break’s first Half Year TV Podcast is here. (Look for more television-based podcasts coming to the site this summer and not just for individual shows, but overall).

This premier episode — hosted by Television Editor Matt Taylor — looks at all the shows that trended, touched us, and tanked in the first half of 2019. Matt is joined by Social Media Editor Alisha Weinberger and Editor-in-Chief Bill Bodkin.

The big talking points of the episode include:

Issues discussed include:

  • The number of seasons Netflix and streaming service shows runs.
  • The future of the DC Universe service.
  • Matt’s Sabrina and the CW conspiracy.
  • Indie comics being adapted to shows.
  • The future of streaming services.
  • Disney+’s potential impact.
  • The future of 2019 television.
  • Potential Emmy Award nominees.


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