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Monday Night RAW in Everett: The Dead Man Returns, AJ & Ricochet Tear It Up

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Monday Night Rollins opens with the Universal Champion making his way down to the ring to a massive ovation. And why wouldn’t the fans cheer him? Rollins is living the dream right now, He’s got the title. He’s got the PPV win. And he’s got the girl.

Speaking of The Man, Becky quickly makes her way to the ring just moments later. The power couple (#Brollins? #RolLynch?) recap last night’s main event Great line by Becky here: “You might say it pays to be The Man’s Man” She’s not wrong.

It’s all smiles until there’s a sneak attack from a certain Sassy Southern Belle. Becky retaliates as Seth is trying to pull The Man off of Evans. Becky isn’t having it. She shoves Seth and I love every second of it. The Man is handling her business. Not long after, Baron Corbin ( #baconrorbin) approaches the ringside area.

Lots of chatter resulting in an Inter-gender Championship match at Extreme Rules. The stipulations are if #Brollins wins – Corbin and Evans are done challenging for the respective titles. (Yes, please.) However, if Team #Bevans? wins, they capture both titles in a winner take all situation.

Predictable. Not just the inter-gender match, but WWE IMMEDIATELY pulling the trigger with booking around Lynch and Rollin’s actual relationship. I called this month’s ago, and I honestly have mixed feelings about it.

8-Man Elmination Tag
New Day/ Usos vs. Daniel Bryan, Rowan, (c) & The Revival (c)

Okay. I tuned in for Ricochet vs. Styles, but you have my attention with this one. In fact, this could be incredible. Lots of ego and miscommunications from the heels, cause a super early elimination for Daniel Bryan! (Wilder takes a cheap shot) The crowd is unhappy and I am shocked. Seconds later Woods is eliminated via a mid air Shatter Machine (sort of…). The teams of the Usos vs. The Revival remain. Good spots here as always, but The Revival didn’t really connect on a lot of moves. I wish the match could have been longer, (I’m talking NXT PPV minutes) but I did love the ending. Dawson superplexes the wrong Uso, allowing for a frog splash from Jey from the blindspot for the win.

Next up, it’s time for the most must see talk show in WWE history….MIZ TV!! Tonight’s guests are Carmella and the 24/7 Champion, R-Truth. I’ll be the first to admit I was wrong about that title. I didn’t think it would work at all, and all I hear is the Benny Hill music playing every time everyone chases Truth around the arenas.

However, much to the credit of guys like Truth (especially) and Drake Maverick, it’s working. It’s funny and sometimes even clever. The addition of social media keeps us intrigued and aware of title changes throughout the week. I’m not gonna lie. I kind of even care about this title.

Apparently I’m not the only one enjoying the 24/7 title as the crowd goes absolutely bonkers for the Drake Maverick Wedding Spot from over the weekend. Maverick interrupts the interview to challenge Truth for a rematch. He wants to get the love of his life back. No , it’s not his wife. It’s the title.

Keep in mind, Miz being the consummate professional that he is, has confirmed WWE Officials that no one can fight for the title during the course of the interview. However, we are alerted that this match is a go, and everyone is banned from ringside.

24/7 Championship Match
Drake Maverick vs. R-Truth (c)

The match is over before it starts. Truth quickly gets the win to retain after a Lie Detector onto the 205 Live GM. As expected everyone comes running after Truth. (Can anyone tell me why EC3 always has the cup? Isn’t that the Street Profits thing?) Cedric almost gets the pin, but Truth starts sprinting around the arena.

Drake is devastated in the ring. Charly Caruso comes in for the interview but Drake is speechless. There may have even been tears.

2 on 1 Handicap Match Roman Reigns vs. Shane/ Drew McIntyre

Mike Rome informs us (via Shane) that his will be a tornado 2 on 1 handicap match, meaning that Reigns will fight both of them in the ring at the same time. This is everything that is wrong with Monday Night Raw. Heck I can honestly see them doing this match again tomorrow night with Elias instead of Drew. Regardless, there is absolutely no hesitation from the Big Dog. Roman attacks early, but the numbers game is too much for him. Shane is about to hit the coast to coast. I am completely baffled by this match and this booking … BUT WAIT …


The Undertaker is here! The Phenom saves Reigns and clears the ring and Looks Fantastic doing it. The crowd is losing their mind and I am too. All of a sudden, my worries are gone! These are the kind of surprises WWE needs right now. There are surprises and a new story to be told. I’m back in. More of this please.

My excitement quickly fades as I see a tug of war rope in the ring. I take back what I said before. THIS is everything that’s wrong with Monday Night Raw. This goes down exactly the way you’d expect. Strowman toys with Lashley before winning the Tug-Of-War. Lashley takes cheap shots using the rope and beats down Strowman outside of the ring. This is not where Braun should be right now.

Backstage Charly is interviewing AJ Styles regarding his match with Ricochet. I’m pumped. Like a boss she even interrupts Styles to find out why he ‘s challenging The new United States Champion on his first day back. As Styles starts to explain he is interrupted by No Way Jose’s music – something we haven’t heard in a long time. Styles is disappointed to find his pals Gallows and Anderson partying with the Conga line. Styles is calling them out. He asks, “What happened to you guys?” The Good Brothers set out to prove themselves to Styles as they face the Viking Raiders. Good luck.

Gallows & Anderson vs. The Viking Raiders

The Good Brothers surprisingly get a lot of offense in on Erik and Ivar. But the Former War Raiders are just TOO good right now. Hanson,…. I’m sorry Ivar, impresses as always with a suicide dive through the ropes. Shortly after that the “Viking Experience” finisher is enough to put away Anderson. Here’s our building blocks for the Club reunion right here.

Elsewhere, Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss are still friends, but they need to come up with a plan. Bliss gives Cross a look that says figure it out….Somehow these leads to a match with Naomi, and I’m okay with it! We need more Naomi on Monday Night Raw!

Back in the ring we find Mojo Rawley vs. Heath Slater about to get under way. Of course the match doesn’t even start because R-Truth comes running into the ring followed by a number of superstars. Heath takes advantage of the situation to become your NEW 24/ 7 Champion…for all of about 30 seconds anyway. The one man band runs back into the ring and is met with a Lie Detector for the 1, 2, 3. R-Truth is your NEW (est) and now 8 time 24/7 Champion!

We’re not done yet, because Cedric Alexander comes out of nowhere to hit the Lumbar Check on Truth to become the NEW 24/7 Champion! Cedric is now on the run but gets caught by EC3. EC3 is now your NEW 24/7 Champion!! The crowd is behind EC3, but Mella distracts him. R-Truth takes advantage of the distraction and rolls up EC3 to become your NINE TIME 24/7 Champion!!

Backstage Ricochet says that he wants to prove that he deserves that championship by going up against the likes of AJ Styles. I’m absolutely stoked for this match, but can we get a Ricochet Name plate on the title, because right now it’s blank…. Just sayin.

Back in the ring K.O. and Sami ( #Kami?) try to stir the pot after beating the New Day at Stomping Grounds. Kofi isn’t having it and is ready to fight. BAY BEEEEE!

Sami vs. Kofi

Kofi almost puts Sami away early after a boom drop into a trouble in paradise attempt. However, Owens interferes constantly to save his partner. Sami slams Kofi on the back of his neck several times. Sami attempts the Helluva kick but Kofi reverses. Kofi attempts a springboard attack but is met with a big boot. Sami attempts a Blue Thunder Bomb but Kofi Rolls him up for the win!

Post-match Owens questions Kofi’s Championship reign, and challenges him to a match right now. Kofi accepts.


Kofi is already sucking wind from his last match. KO is going for all big moves right out of the gate. Owens hits several super kicks and even attempts a senton bomb off the top. Kofi gets the knees up. KO goes for the pop up power bomb, but Kofi reverses. KO attemps and apron power bomb, but Kofi escapes again. Kofi then hits an S.O.S on owens on the steel at the bottom of the ramp. Owens’ head hits hard! Kofi wisely beats the 10 count for the win! Sami tries to attack Kofi, but The Champ throws him out of the ring. Kofi flies over the top rope to take out BOTH KO and Sami. What an outing by the WWE Champion!

Out of nowhere, Samoa Joe attacks Kofi as only Samoa Joe can. Samoa picks apart the champ on the stage and hits a Yuranage on the steal stage area. We think Joe is done but Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch to choke out Kingston. It looks like our next feud is Joe vs. Kofi. I like it!

Alexis Bliss w/ Nikki Cross vs. Naomi

Naomi toys with Alexa and even hits an impressive split into a pin. Naomi gets cocky and accidentally kicks Nikki with a baseball slide. Bliss takes advantage and hits a DDT for the win. Bliss beats down Naomi post match. Bliss tests Nikki by telling her to push Naomi. Nikki pushes Naomi, but Natalya comes to the rescue.

I’m thrilled to find out we get a tag match with Natalya & Naomi vs. Cross and Bliss

Both Nattie and Naomi lay into Bliss with several impactful maneuvers. Bliss rallies and reverses a sharpshooter attempt. Cross tags in and goes full Tasmanian Devil on her opponents. Cross hits her spinning neck-breaker finisher on Nattie, but Bliss steals the pin.

Ricochet vs. AJ Styles

Expectations for this one are incredibly high and I’m so glad they gave it some time. Ricochet is already part of my match of the year pick versus Gargano (NXT TAKEOVER PHOENIX) and I’m hoping for another MOTY candidate here. I was incredibly nervous when Gallows and Anderson came out, but Styles told them to get out of there. I love the fake out. Lots of mat wrestling and reversals early. Every big move Ricochet hit was instantly replayed. (As it should be) My new favorite move right now is Ricochet’s running up his opponent like a wall and doing a back flip onto his feet. It’s like something out of a video game. Styles uses his veteran savvy to slow Ricochet and eventually knock him down with a pelee kick. Ricochet is able to knock Styles outside of the ring and hit and over the top corkscrew attack as only Ricochet can. Ricochet later hits a lionsault halfway across the ring, but it’s not enough. The US Champ goes for a 630 off the top but AJ evades and is able to bait Ricochet into the Phenomenal forearm for the pin.

Post match we have a great show of respect by the Phenomenal one towards Ricochet. Great match to end the night.

Lots of solid wrestling tonight along with a few head scratchers. Absolutely thrilled to see The Dead Man show up resulting in a now announced Reigns/Taker team up for Extreme Rules. Another pleasant surprise was the Joe vs. Kofi angle. Sign up me up for Styles, Ricochet II. Let’s keep the fresh storylines and the surprises coming. Less tug of wars, more wrestling. Also,where oh where is our Firefly Funhouse?? YOWEE WOWEE!! Oh that’s right we got some “cameos” this week backstage from the dolls — interesting to see where this goes.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

WWE Monday Night RAW in Everett can be watched streaming on Hulu.

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