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The Bachelorette Season 15 Episode 7: Latvia, Drama & Naked Bungee

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The Bachelorette Season 15 Episode 7 has us down to less than 10 men left. Jed, Mike, Connor, Tyler, Dustin, Peter, Dylan, Garrett, and of course, Luke.

We start this week in Latvia!

Date 1 – Solo Date
Participant – Garrett
Prompt – “Can I trust our love?”

Hannah brings Garrett to a bungie jump date, but it seems like she was under the impression that it was normal bungie jumping. Instead, it’s naked bungie jumping. Who else didn’t know this was a thing? Apparently, this is specifically a Latvian thing. They talk to a man and woman who just did the naked bungie jump (and were still very naked), and this is a tradition for Latvian couples. Hannah has a panic attack while heading up to the point where they’ll be bungie jumping from. The way Hannah is nervous and freaking out leads me to believe that she wasn’t actually aware of this date. The two get naked and strapped together and then pushed out of the trolley that they were hanging from. There was a lot of screaming, but as the jump was ended, they laughed and got down and drank champagne.

During the dinner portion of the date, Hannah is wearing a pink fuzzy jacket that looks like it once belonged to a pimp. Luckily, underneath the jacket she’s wearing a pale pink dress with a plunging neckline and a statement gun-metal necklace. Garrett asks her about her fears, and she mentions rejection, which is really interesting considering her pageant background. She gives him the date rose and mentions to the camera that Garrett feels like home.

Garrett eventually goes back to the house and talks about how he went naked bungie jumping with Hannah. Luke starts his weekly implosion.

Date 2 – Group Date
Participants – Mike, Jed, Tyler, Dustin, Luke, Conner, Dylan

Hannah and the guys go around a Latvian marketplace and drink moonshine, eat pickles, eat cheese, and Dustin even bit into a frozen fish. Hannah looks happy and seems to be having a good time. Luke utters the words “I’m sharing her” and I don’t know how to feel about it. All of the men seem to be getting along though, which is a nice change of pace. Hannah comes across as drunk (again), and she starts telling the story of how she bungie jumped naked with Garrett, to all of the other men.

On the group portion of The Bachelorette Season 15 Episode 7, Hannah is wearing a silver, single shoulder dress with a high slit. Tyler steals Hannah away first and her body language is clear that she’s into him. She wraps her leg over his and keeps her face really close to him. Shortly after talking, they start making out. This made me realize that it’s smart to grab the bachelorette first so that your saliva can get into their mouth before anyone else. Luke sits with Hannah and basically tells her that the feeling he got from hearing Garrett’s story about the one on one was comparable to being cheated on. Luke starts stammering about how they’re going to get through anything together and it felt really forced and weird. Hannah gave the group date rose to Tyler, and Luke continues his implosion.

Date 3 – Solo Date
Participant – Peter
Prompt – “Let’s heat things up”

They’re going to have a Latvian style spa day. After some interesting Latvian traditions, like being sung to and having leaves brushed over their bodies, they head to a sauna. Before the people running the spa left Peter and Hannah alone, they had the two of them stick their fingers in water and make a wish. They both basically wish for happy lives and good relationships. It was interesting to watch this “spiritual bonding ritual” as Peter called it. Once the people running the sauna left the room, Hannah and Peter start making out and were rolling all over each other. After the steamy sauna session, they get into a hot tub and Peter talks about the night in Scotland and how he was hurt when he was compared to the other men. He said he was hurt because he would never hurt her the way the other men have. And they start making out in the hot tub. Hannah says “I like that Peter makes me feel like a woman”

(I don’t normally talk about the commercials that air between the episode, but I feel the need to talk about the one that happened during the middle of this episode. Have you ever wondered what the Bachelorette would be like if Annabelle, from The Conjuring series, was the bachelorette and Nick Vile and Eric Bigger were the contestants? No? Well it’s the crossover promo that nobody asked for, but everybody needed. Basically, Nick was trying to win Anabelle’s heart, but Eric was creeped out the whole time. Nick called Anabelle’s eyes “hauntingly beautiful”, and if that’s not good television I don’t know what is.)

During the dinner portion of the date, Hannah is wearing a dark silver shimmer dress. Peter asks her about where her confidence comes from and she admits that she’s the quietest person in her family, which gets me excited to see the episode where the guys meet her parents. Peter gets the solo date rose.

Peter comes back from his date and starts telling the guys about it and Jed gets up and leaves to meet up with Hannah. He plays his guitar outside of her window to get her attention. He sits with her on the bed and plays a whole song for her and she cuddles with him. Then she straddles him in her silky pajamas and starts making out with him on her bed. He whispers to her “I really am falling in love with you”. Honestly, I’m a little bothered by this whole thing because Hannah should be ending her night thinking about Peter and their awesome one-on-one date, but instead she’ll be thinking about Jed.

The next day, Hannah goes to the room with all of the guys and pulls Luke away from the other guys. They both go to Hannah’s room to talk privately. Hannah says she appreciates that Luke came to her and shared his concerns about her solo date with Garrett. She was hurt by the language he used. The three things that she called out that Luke said in their prior conversation was when he said it felt like a “Slap in the face” that she did something like that with another guy, and when he said that they all make “bone-headed mistakes” and also how this shouldn’t impact his confidence in her meeting his family. She told him that he’s not her husband and has no right to say anything like that to her. He said that he doesn’t like knowing about what the other guys get to do with her. Luke also starts lying about what he said, saying that Hannah is twisting his words. She really seems torn on how she feels about Luke, but this is every week now. He said that he’s going to be clearer, so she doesn’t misinterpret his words. It’s so bizarre because he takes her feedback and twists it in a way that makes it seem like Hannah’s fault. Luke apologizes to her and begs her to keep fighting for their relationship, but she says, “I don’t know”.

Luke went back into to the room and basically tells the rest of the men that they all need to stay in their lane. I appreciate that they all stick to this ‘lane’ metaphor. They talk about how Luke was ‘looking out the window’ and how that would cause him to ‘swerve’ and Luke even said, “Don’t text and drive”, and I laughed at the absurdity of it all. Chris walked into the room and mentioned that Hannah was feeling emotional and there wouldn’t be a cocktail party this week.

Rose Ceremony

Hannah is wearing a stunning emerald green strapless A-line ballgown.

The list of men who receive roses:
🌹 Garrett (Solo Date 1)
🌹 Tyler (Group Date)
🌹 Peter (Solo Date 2)
🌹 Jed
🌹 Mike
🌹 Connor
🌹 Luke

List of the men who were cut this week:

Here’s a hot take from Dustin as he was leaving: Hannah must be in love with Luke because that’s the only reason she’d be keeping him around.

The credits scene continues to be the best part of the episode (how sad is that?) It was Jed playing piano with Dustin, Dylan, Tyler, and Mike singing along with him and they were all having a good time. It was sweet to watch all the men getting along and I wish abc would give us more of that.

The Bachelorette Season 15 Episode 7 is now streaming.


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