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The Bachelorette Season 15 Episode 8: We’re Down to the Final Four

Bachelorette Season 15 Episode 8
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Date 1 – Solo Date
Participant – Jed

Bachelorette Season 15 Episode 8 took the group to the Netherlands. Next week is hometowns. Hannah pulls Jed into the first one-on-one date. Hannah sounds like she’s been losing her voice.

They dance in the street and talk to an old couple in Amsterdam. It feels like Hannah already knows who the Final 4 will be, and that she’s going through all of this because she has to.

Then during the dinner portion of the date hannah was wearing red and Jed got the first date rose. Which means Hannah is going to meet his family. 

Date 2 – Solo Date
Participant – Tyler
Prompt – “Will you ride into the sunset with me?”

They start the date by going horseback riding. The horses don’t seem to listen to Hannah or Tyler. There’s a lot of fun shots of the horses not moving or walking backwards. Eventually they get the horses to cooperate and they go around town. They find a frozen herring food cart (yes, really) and they eat frozen herring. Imagine going to your supermarket and picking up a frozen fish and just biting the head off, because that’s what they did. Tyler practically throws up. 

During the dinner portion of the date, Hannah tries to pry into Tyler a bit more. He talks about his parent’s divorce. He talked about everything he would do to have a strong relationship and he gets the date rose from Hannah. So, Hannah will also be meeting Tyler’s family.

They get in a horse-drawn carriage and drive around town. They spend the whole time making out, which seems like a perfect waste of a horse-drawn carriage ride.

After the date, the next date card was delivered, and it will be a solo date with Mike. After Tyler’s date, Connor goes to Hannah’s room to talk to her. He expresses his concern about not getting one-on-one time with her. She told him that he kind of gets lost on group dates and he tries to defend himself. Although she seems to listen to him, it almost seems like she already knows who the other roses are going to. Hannah told him that if he came to her earlier in the season, it would have held more weight, but now she has stronger feelings for other men. She tells him to his face that she has stronger feelings with other men. And this is the end of Connor. 

Date 3 – Solo Date
Participant – Mike
Prompt – “I’m drawn to you”

Mike has the best smile. She tells him that they’re going to bike around the Netherlands. That she’s going to go bike with Mike. They go to an art gallery and view a lot of paintings. They start with Hannah drawing Mike and then Mike drew Hannah and both were awful. Then the artist draws Mike and Hannah while they’re wearing silk robes with each other. Hannah tells the camera that she’s unsure if she’s confident in her decision with Mike. 

During the dinner portion of the date, Hannah starts the night by sobbing to him about how she’s not feeling ok. She told him she’s thinking about how he’s been such a leader here and how he’s been so honest with her. She said she doesn’t feel like she’s right for him. He thanks her for being honest with him and she walks him out. 

Mike compares it to a dagger in his heart tearing it out, and I feel so bad for him. 

Date 4 – Group Date
Participants – Pete, Garrett, Luke

With two roses left, Peter and Garrett are praying that Luke bombs tonight. They might get their way since Hannah seems exhausted with Luke. So, she sits and talks with Garrett. He’s smart because the first sentence out of his mouth has nothing to do with Luke and only has to do with her. Hannah, of course, brings up the fact that Luke talked to her about him. Garrett admits that he doesn’t like Luke. After leaving Hannah, Garrett walks back to where Luke is sitting and stirs the pot by saying “I just saw the look on Hannah’s face and you’re going home” Garrett is great at stirring the pot. 

She gives the first rose to Peter. Peter was elated and walks outside with Hannah and screams. 

Both the men show up to dinner in their sharpest suits. Luke opens up to her about how he used to do drugs and drink and had a lot of sex, but then god came to him while he was in the shower and made him realize that he needed to be better. He says that he wishes they had more of that feeling, and the sad thing is that if he was open with her during this whole season, he might have the strongest connection in the house. 

Garrett sits with Hannah and opens up to her. She said she was excited about his progression. And he pulled out the “I love you” card. I think that was his Hail Mary play to beat Luke. 

Hannah sits down at the table with the two men. She picks up the rose and gives a spiel about how she only has one rose and she has to make a hard decision. Of course, Luke gets the rose, because Hannah is a sucker for punishment. Hannah walks Garrett out, and Luke gives the biggest smile to the camera. It looks like Hannah will be meeting Luke’s family next week. 

The preview for next week’s episode seems to give away the fact that Luke will be going home after fighting with Hannah about having sex with the other guys. It’s such a weird thing to spoil for the viewer since I can assume all of the viewers have been pleading with Hannah to get rid of Luke since Episode 3. I’ve decided it’s the ‘Colton jumping the fence’ of this season, but we’ll see what happens next week!

You can stream The Bachelorette Season 15 Episode 8 on Hulu.


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