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Review: 311 and Dirty Heads Provide The Ultimate Summer Soundtrack at PNC Bank Arts Center

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Words by Ryan DeMarco | Photos by Al Mannarino

Pop Break Live: 311 and Dirty Heads at The PNC Bank Arts Center in Holdmel, New Jersey

Omaha, Nebraska may be the actual origin of 311, but Nick Hexum and company certainly know how to make The Jersey Shore feel like it’s their home away from home. The same goes for their co-headliner Dirty Heads.

With more than an impressive 15,000 plus count of attendees at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, 311 and Dirty Heads arrived with four other bands in tow, new music, and a couple of milestones to celebrate. To say 311 and Dirty Heads is a show that Jersey Shore music lovers were craving for this summer was an understatement.

Believe it or not 2019 marks 20 years of summer tours, and 30 years since the release of 311’s debut LP. Three decades later 311 continues to stand as a united front with founding members intact, pulling in crowds from all over the world. Call it what you want, I say it’s an unparalleled feat in music history.

They might not be at the top of the musical mountain like they were when they exploded in 1996 with their self-titled record, but if there’s one thing you should know at their show it’s that you should never count them out from putting on a performance to crush all doubts and lift any spirit.

However, 311 was not alone on this tour. The Dirty Heads co-headlined the tour, and if there’s one thing that holds true about New Jersey, it’s that they love themselves from Dirty Heads. The band, who has a new record out on August 8 called Super Moon, took the stage to a big reaction. The band rewarded their loyal fans with a wide ranging setlist. The audience bobbed their heads, and keep the lighters (and phones) in the air for a swath of mystifying and slow burning rhythms sung by lead vocalist and frontman Jared Watson. But that mood could easily change when contagious bops and grooves generated some damn good times in the amphitheater. Overall a worthy outing for the California based six man ensemble.

Dirty Heads Setlist:

Burn Slow
Franco Eyed
Mad At It
My Sweet Summer
Dance All Night
West Coast
Red Lights
Your Love
Lift Me Up
Cabin By the Sea
Lay Me Down
Super Moon
Moon Tower
Sloth’s Revenge
That’s All I Need

July 12th marked the release of 311’s 13th studio album Voyager, a record that definitely explores the band’s heavier groove. They stormed the stage playing some new favorites like “What the?!?” which has a refreshing pop sound and “Better Space” offering a vibey rhythm capable to liven up any crowd. In total five new songs played in the electrifying 70 minute set that included chart topping hits ‘Come Original,’ ‘Down,’ and a rare appearance of ‘Homebrew’ (which actually opened the set). One noted aspect of the show was during a wild retooling of ‘Applied Science’ leading to a showcase of drummer Chad Sexton’s proficiency. Also, it cannot be stated enough how great SA Martinez is.

311 Setlist:

All Mixed Up
Beautiful Disaster
What The?!
Come Original
Do You Right
Good Feeling
Beyond the Gray Sky
Applied Science
Better Space
You Wouldn’t Believe
Don’t You Worry
Creatures (For a While)

Yes, 30 years have come and gone for 311, but time has not worn away the talent but instead have build upon an already strong bond that can be easily be seen. They have continuously shown that fame and fortune is not where their heads lie, but instead their focus is the heart and soul they put into each performance and lasting connection they’ve created and reinforce year after year.

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