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Demogorgons, Zendaya & Mindhunters: The 2019 Summer TV Recap

Labor Day Weekend has passed, and that means the summer television season has officially come to an end. Much like last summer, Summer 2019 was an eventful one for television, and we’re talking about it.

Pop Break’s Television Editor Matt Taylor hosts the seasonal panel featuring Senior Writer Melissa Jouben, Music Editor Kat Manos, and Editor-in-Chief Bill Bodkin.

The Summer TV Recap podcast takes a deep dive look at:

  • Stranger Things Season 3: How did this season stack up against the first two? We celebrate the star-making turn from Maya Hawke. We bemoan the turn Jim Hopper took. Also, a bit of a hot take on the series is dropped and we all kinda agree with it.
  • Euphoria: HBO’s surprise hit teen drama is viewed by two people (Bill and Matt) who have seen it, and two people who’ve only seen the marketing (Kat and Melissa). Zendaya’s performance is heralded, as is one of the best TV villains of 2019.
  • GLOW Season 3: The crew is divided over the third season. Was the departure from what made the show so popular (the wrestling, and the jokes) too much? What if this is the final season for the show? The group also agrees a Geena Davis podcast is necessary.
  • The Boys: Bill and Kat discuss the good, but not-so-easy to watch Amazon Prime series, and why — even if you have superhero burnout — you might just enjoy the show.
  • Mindhunter Season 2: Bill and Kat do the hard sell on why Matt and Melissa should be watching this series. The obvious comparisons to Season One arise. Also, Kat stans David Fincher, and are we doing a Zodiac podcast next?

The episode then features a “lightning round” where the group discusses some of their favorite summer shows including: Big Little Lies, Succession, Los Espookys, Dating No Filter, Pose, Pennyworth, and Fleabag.

Finally the podcast ends with everyone mentioning the show(s) they’re most excited for in 2019 including: All Elite Wrestling on TNT, Disney+’s The Mandalorian, and Ryan Murphy’s The Politican.

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