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Get Home Safe: ‘Ma’ on Blu-Ray Review

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Octavia Spencer delivers an unnervingly daring performance as Sue Ann, a lonely woman who keeps to herself in a quiet Ohio town. When local teenager Maggie (Diana Silvers, Glass) asks Sue Ann to buy booze for her group of friends, she decides to make some new friends of her own and offers her basement for the kids to party. They just have to follow a few simple house rules: Someone has to stay sober, don’t curse, never go upstairs and call her “Ma.” As Ma’s hospitality curdles into obsession, her place goes from the best place in town to the worst place on earth.

You can read Pop Break’s original review Ma, penned by Television Editor Matt Taylor here.

While our initial review had issues with the consistency of the film, something I can agree with, he did mention how excellent Octavia Spencer was. This is something I believe we can all agree with. If we put aside the fact that she is an Academy Award winner and take a look all the way back at her small role in Rob Zombie’s 2009 film Halloween 2, it was apparent back then, before she was a household name, that she was something special. Despite all of the bad reviews Halloween 2 received, hers was a standout performance, setting a terrifying tone for the rest of the film. Once again, with Ma, Octavia gives a performance to remember, making the movie worth the watch based on her skill, alone.

If you’ve read Matt’s review or have already seen the film, you are probably wondering what goodies you can expect to find on your Blu-ray or DVD purchase. While there aren’t many bonus features, the quality of the features are quite good. For those wondering about the alternate ending, I am not going to spoil it for you. This is something you will just have to check out on your own when you pick up your copy.


  • NEW Alternate Ending
  • Creating Sue Ann – Take a deeper look at the character of Sue Ann, and how trauma from people’s past can manifest itself later in life.
  • Party at Ma’s – The cast, crew, and filmmakers discuss how all the elements came together to make this unique thriller.
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Theatrical Trailer


Ma is now available on digital download, Blu-ray and DVD from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.

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