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The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Season 1 Review

Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Season 1
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The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Season One is a prequel series to the 1982 Jim Henson film, The Dark Crystal. Inspired by Henson’s original film, this series was developed by Jeffrey Addiss and Will Matthews, and directed by Louis Leterrier.

To recap the plot:

Long before Jen and Kira, the Skeksis had been ruling over Thra as false lords after they tricked Aughra (Donna Kimball) into a deep slumber, giving them dominion over the Crystal of Truth. Initially, the inhabitants of Thra, such as Gelflings and Podlings, were subservient to the Skeksis, believing them to be their almighty rulers who they must obey without questions. While things weren’t exactly fair, they weren’t terrible, not yet. The world of Thra was relatively peaceful. But greed never just punishes the greedy. Everything comes down to the Crystal of Truth. It is the very life of Thra and all the creatures living on it. It gives life.

However, the Skeksis use this power to rejuvenate themselves. Essentially, it provided them with eternal life and power. But one day, the Crystal stopped giving. And when the Crystal stopped giving, the Skeksis had to find an alternative to eternal life, and what they discovered was they could achieve the same rejuvenation by draining the essence of the other creatures of Thra, not only killing them in the process, but with their essence gone, they can’t even return to, for lack of a better analogy, the circle of life of Thra. Now it is up to our three heroes, who have learned the truth of the Skeksis, to band together and unite the Gelflings and other creatures of Thra against the Skeksis before it’s too late.

I knew this show was going to be amazing – there was never a doubt in my mind. What I didn’t think was that these new characters would actually take the place of Jen and Kira. I knew I’d love them, but my child self couldn’t help but feel a little betrayed with how smitten my adult self is with this new cast. There are quite a number of new and important characters, but our main trio of heroes consists of Rian (voiced be Taron Egerton), Brea (voiced by Anya Taylor-Joy), and Deet (voiced by Nathalie Emmanuel), and of course, they are guided in their quest to save Thra by Aughra (now voiced by Donna Kimball). While all of these characters are fantastic, my most favorite of the series is a Podling named Hup (voiced by Victor Yerrid) who desires to be a paladin and wields a wooden spoon. He’s seriously the best.

Everything about this series feels magical. It’s completely engrossing in story and in scenery. There were even times I would have to rewind the scene because I found I was looking at this gorgeous landscape and not paying attention to what was being said. It was emotionally stimulating as well. I laughed, I cried, I literally stared intently without blinking for stretches during critical moments. Like I said, they best word I can think to describe the series is magical. From beginning to end. It’s something fans new and old can enjoy. That ending though. I won’t spoil anything so all I’ll say is, they better give us a second season. There’s so much more I need to know. And if you leave me with just that final note, I will throw such a tantrum.


The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.


Rachel Freeman
Rachel Freeman
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