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Way Too Early Oscar Predictions Podcast: Toronto International Film Fest 2019 Review

The Way Too Early Oscar Predictions Podcast returns! This episode is our second annual Toronto International Film Festival 2019 (TIFF) podcast. Television Editor Matt Taylor speaks to Film Editor Marisa Carpico about his annual adventure in the Great White North and the films he saw including: Jojo Rabbit, Parasite, How to Build a Girl, Saint Maud, and other films he saw at the Toronto International Film Festival 2019. Matt also discusses the experience of the festival, and his random encounters during the fest.

The Way Too Early Oscars Predictions Podcast is currently in its second season, and we have a load of really great episodes for you to check out. The second season began in March 2019 a few weeks after the Academy Awards Ceremony and will until the hours after the Oscars in 2020. With fall kicking into high gear expect more episodes on the horizon.

For now check out these great episodes featuring hosts Matt Taylor and Marisa Carpico, as well as other members of the Pop Break staff.

The Late Summer Movies: Featuring Marisa Carpico and Matt Taylor, the episode focuses on Jennifer Kent’s controversial film The Nightingale, the buzzed about drama Luce, the Julianne Moore vehicle After the Wedding and more

The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Review: Featuring Marisa Carpico, Matt Taylor, and guest, Bill Bodkin (the site’s editor-in-chief). They dedicate an entire episode to one of the biggest critical and controversial releases of 2019.

The Midsummer Movie Recap: Featuring Marisa Carpico and Matt Taylor, the episode features discussions on: Wild Rose,The Farewell, Booksmart, Midsommar, Late Night, and Toy Story 4.

The Tribeca Film Festival Experience: Featuring Marisa Carpico and Matt Taylor, this episodes highlight’s Marisa’s epic journey through the famed New York City film festival.

2020 Oscar Premiere Premiere Episode: The first episode of the 2020 season as well where Matt and Marisa look at the Julianne Moore dramedy Gloria Bell, and Jordan Peele’s eerie blockbuster, US.

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