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Review: Nomen Omen #1

Nomen Omen #1 is written by Marco B. Bucci (Magna Veritas, Memento Mori) illustrated and colored by Jacopo Camagni (X-Men Blue, Deadpool The Duck), and is published by Image comics.

Nomen Omen #1

Nomen Omen #1 starts off with an introduction to couple Meera and Claire. They are traveling when they come across something tragic. Honestly I need to stop right here. I’m about to give away a bunch of spoilers. Let’s just talk about how Meera and Claire are connected to our main character, Becky. Meera and Claire are Becky’s loving mothers.

Becky is just turning 21 and her friends are celebrating with her in Manhattan. I feel safe giving away a mild spoiler. Becky is color blind and the comic handles this in a very interesting way. Her friends also decide to screw with her by giving her a Unicorn themed rainbow birthday cake. Becky isn’t just a normal person though. This is pretty evident after reading the first 6 or 7 pages.

Nomen Omen #1

Readers, you have no idea how hard this is to review without giving away the entire issue. What I can tell you is once you finish reading this issue you will want more. I can also tell you that the veil between the real world and another world is very thin for Becky. The things coming in from the other side look appealing on the surface, but are actually quite terrifying once you dig deeper.

The bottom line is if you like suspense, magic, and dark imagery you need Nomen Omen in your life. This comic is not only beautiful, but it’s also scary and intriguing. And, I for one can not wait to see what is on the other side of the veil in the next issue.

Rating: 8/10

Nomen Omen #1 is now available at your local comic book stores, and Image Comics site.

Sheena Fisher
Sheena Fisher
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