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Review: NWA Powerrr Episode 2, ‘Clickbait’

A recap is played from the pilot episode, ending on Nick Aldis’ successful NWA World Heavyweight Championship defense against former champion, Tim Storm, and his exception to Joe Galli attempting to interview valet, Kamille, about the accidental clothesline she took from Aldis during the match.

Jim Cornette and Joe Galli welcome us and throw it over to David Marquez who has a very special guest: Aron Stevens!  The former Damien Sandow (or Aron Rex if you’re a masochist) has been busy with acting but heard a rumor that the NWA was back and, if the NWA is back, then professional wrestling is back and so is he. Aron Stevens has not lost any of his unique and engaging delivery. He has the appreciative studio audience in the palm of his hand until he switches the flip to establish himself as the delusional and arrogant heel we’ve long known and loved (to hate.)

Trevor Murdoch vs Ricky Starks

Former three-time WWE Tag Team champion (with the late Lance Cade), Trevor Murdoch, dusts off his black boots to take on “Stroke Daddy” Ricky Starks. Ricky Starks finds that using his speed and agility to beat Murdoch isn’t as easy as it looks. Despite looking like a uncooked chicken thigh, Murdoch is wily with his years and far more fluid than he appears.  Ricky Starks is the one who has to hit hard when he can and manages to duck under for a crucifix roll up and get the win. 

Your winner by pinfall… Ricky Starks!

David Marquez is about to interview Ricky when Murdoch walks up to the podium, offering a handshake and a drawled out, “Good job, kid. It just wasn’t my night.” Ricky Starks lets Marquez know that he takes the win and congratulations from Trevor Murdoch to heart. You see, “Absolute” Ricky Starks (“Stroke Daddy” to the ladies) is ready to shine.  He’s kind of pretty, kind of sexy. But even if you’re left looking like David Marquez, he doesn’t hold it against you. When he gets into his promo, Ricky works it somewhere between Muhammad Ali and The Rock with a little early 90s HBK thrown in for good measure.

Joe Galli teases a sit down interview with Nick Aldis and Kamille later in the show to press the hard questions that, as an award-winning broadcast journalist, he feels are anything but “clickbait.”

Joe Galli gives us a word with former NWA World Champion, Colt Cabana. Colt was unsuccessful in Tim Storm in his last title attempt but he’s back and he’s healthy and he has a new tag team partner and that man’s name is … MISTERRRRR ANDERSON … ANDERSON! Anderson had a split second of screen time in the opening title sequence and was even said to be there by Jim Cornette during the greeting but only passingly. Even if they were expecting it, that booming self-announcement popped the bleachers and came as a surprise to me. Anderson says that Colt could have picked anyone in the world to be his partner but he chose “this @$$hole.” They have a little more fun on the microphone then get down to business.

Colt Cabana & Mr Anderson vs Sal Rinauro & Jordan Kingsley

We get a good ol’ jobber squash showcase for those who might not know Colt and/or Anderson. All the spots are in there with Colt’s mat wrestling and comedic bits. Anderson hits two Green Bay Plunges but neither from the second turnbuckle before a Flatliner to end it.

Your winners by pinfall… Colt Cabana & Mr Anderson!

A cameraman follows Nick Aldis out of the building as he refuses to speak any further to Joe Galli, likening the experience to TMZ.

A parody commercial for Tony Falk’s Waffles and Tire Irons is played, inviting all to his location in Paducah, Kentucky.

NWA Women’s Champion, Allysin Kay vs Ashley Vox in a non-title match

Said to be friends outside the ring with Allysin Kay looking to give Vox an opportunity, these two had a competitive match.  The smaller Vox was a striking dynamo but the 5’10” champion made her pay for it.

Your winner by pinfall… Allysin Kay

Kay brings Ashley Vox to the podium (after making Marquez move so that the camera gets her good side) and praises her with some semi-backhanded compliments, glad that there’s some promise in the women’s division.

Kyle Davis shows us what we didn’t see after last week’s show as over: a beaten Tim Storm unwilling to address the fans or Kyle’s microphone.  Next week, he’ll address his future.

From one Storm to the other, Joe Galli interviews James Storm.  Storm bullies Galli off the mic and proclaims himself a proud country redneck and the North American championship as a fast pass to the NWA World title picture.  That brings out Eli Drake to talk at ya. Drake praises the title and Storm’s accomplishments, reminding him that he’s been in the conversations too. He tells Storm that, win or lose, to keep The Defiant One in mind for next in line at whatever belt he’s got.

The Wild Cards (c) vs Kingston & Homicide for the NWA Tag Team Championships

Thomas Latimer and Royce Isaacs defending against Outlaw Inc isn’t just a wrestling match.  It’s a damn fight. That’s the challengers’ game but the champs use brawn to make up the difference.  During what appears to be a rally by Outlaw Inc, The Dawsons insert themselves into the match, tossing both teams out of the ring.

The result of this match… is a No Contest.

The conclusion of the show sees Joe Galli’s earlier taped interview with Nick Aldis and Kamille.  Nick Aldis praises Tim Storm’s career and the match they had. When Galli asks why a superb athlete and a great champion like Aldis has to have Kamille around as an “insurance policy,” the champ turns sour.  He reminds Galli about his loss at All In to “an inferior athlete,” Cody Rhodes, due to outside interference. He brings in Kamille and it all worked out when he regained the title. He presses Galli to name an instance when, outside of taking care of Brandi Rhodes in that rematch, that Kamille has ever done anything illegal to alter the outcome of any of his matches.  He can’t and even the instance of Aldis stopping her from getting involved in his match with Marty Scurll is brought up. Aldis says that Kamille can speak any time she wants and Galli asks her for a few words. Kamille simply readjusts her mic and remains stoic. Aldis declares the interview over.

NWA Powerrr Episode 2, “Clickbait” can be viewed below, and to view every episode of the NWA, subscribe to their YouTube page.



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