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NJ Next: Kid Pro

Kid Pro is ready to hit the 2020’s hard and he’s giving himself a running start by ending 2019 with several new projects that should propel him into the next decade with serious momentum. With a new podcast (The Lyrical Fix Podcast) launched in late summer, a tour in October,  a new album on the way in November, and a regular web series, few artists are stacking the deck in their favor quite like Kid Pro.

NJ Next’s Angelo Gingerelli recently got a chance to talk to the former Kid Prolifiq (who is obviously still prolific) about his current tour, his next project and his history in the game.

Check it out here and look for Angelo on “The Lyrical Fix Podcast” soon … hopefully.

When does Hip-Hop enter your life and when do you decide to make the transition from fan to artist?

Hip-Hop entered my life at around 1998 watching the music videos to “Triumph” by Wu-Tang Clan and also “Mo Money Mo Problems” by Biggie. From that moment on, Hip-Hop had me hooked and I immediately learned and listened to as much as I could and became immersed in it all. I first started recording music in 2003 with my now producer OB Beatzz (@obbeatzz) in his basement and started performing at any spots we could find around the area shortly after.

My Rap name used to be “Kid Prolifiq” but I shortened it and gave it some extra meaning behind it. The “K” stands for Knowledge, the “I” stands for Intensity, and the “D” stands for Determination. I made it a point to keep those three things as the blueprint for what being a “Pro” is all about.

Who are your biggest influences as an MC and what inspires you about each?

There’s way too many MC’s to name that influence me on the daily. From Eminem’s clear voice when playing live, Busta Rhymes’ energy, Tech N9ne’s breath control, Black Thoughts cool demeanor, Jay Z’s confidence, Curren$y’s charisma; there’s just way too many to name that I try to learn from and get better.

How did this tour come about and what do you hope to accomplish over the next few months? 

The main reasons for the tour were that I wanted a more “direct” way to promote the upcoming release I have with OB Beatzz (Kick X SnVre) and what better way than to perform the new material in front of a live audience to see what works and what doesn’t? The other reason was that It gives me a chance to do what I love and enjoy the most, which is performing live. We have about seven dates ready to go starting from the end of September all through the end of October. The project will release in mid-November, and I’ll most likely do a November run to keep spreading the word.

What was the inspiration for the #VersesAboutNothing instagram videos and what is your goal with each post? 

#VersesAboutNothing is a freestyle video series that I came up with last year that showcased my love for music visuals. I got tired of seeing every rapper doing “Selfie-Raps” into their phone and figured I’d try something different to help myself stand out. Thanks to a close friend, I was able to upgrade my phone to one that shot in 4K, downloaded a $20 video editing app, bought a gimbal to stabilize the shots, and began making my own mini music vids.

Any song or feature verse that I had previously recorded would have its own 1-minute treatment and I would post it on IG. I try to outdo myself every episode and am learning more about video editing in the process. The name came from my love of “Seinfeld”, and “Curb your Enthusiasm”. Right now we are on Season 2, and I’ll be continuing to do it bigger and better each time.

What do you think about Jersey’s current Hip-Hop scene and how have you seen it evolve? 

I really hadn’t noticed how diverse Jersey’s Hip-Hop scene was until I went out to different showcases and open mics and connected with all of these unique artists. There really is something for everyone out here and it’s a beautiful thing to see in person. Overall the Hip-Hop scene is as strong and talented as it’s ever been. The producers coming out of Jersey are truly some of the most talented in the world, and there are plenty of MC’s from here who can hang with anyone from anywhere.

What’s next for Kid Pro? 

I’ll be releasing “Kick X SnVre” with OB Beatzz in November and continuing to travel and perform to push it, as well as having it available on all streaming platforms. I’ll be continuing the #VersesAboutNothing series as well where I’ll be collaborating with other artists and Directors to take it to another level. I’ll be releasing a new project in 2020 titled “Prozilla” working with different producers. I’ve also started a new podcast called “The Lyrical Fix Podcast” which can be found on AudioMack, Apple, Anchor, Spotify and YouTube. Other than that, I’ll be continuing to make dope sh*t and be an incredible Father of two at the same time.

Quick Answer Questions: 

Top 5 MC’s Dead or Alive: 


Phonte of Little Brother


Lupe Fiasco

Big Pun

Top 4 New Jersey Venues to Perform: 

The Saint (Asbury Park)

Stanhope House (Stanhope)

VFW (Lodi)

And anywhere else that has their sound system on point!

Top 3 Producers you would work with if money was no object: 


DJ Premier


Top 2 NJ artists besides yourself that could blow up in the next year: 

Guess Muzik

8aint Jame8

Top 1 Reason everybody should check out Kid Pro:

Simply put: I love this sh*t! From the long nights turning to early mornings brainstorming new ideas and writing verses, to the endless recording sessions and hours of driving from venue to venue, it’s all worth it when you get to connect with music lovers and have them relate and rock with something that you created. It’s all an amazing journey and I make sure to live and cherish every second of it. I never take any of it for granted and I am still blessed to be doing it for over 10 years now.

Angelo Gingerelli
Angelo Gingerellihttp://fifthroundmovement.com/
Angelo Gingerelli has been contributing to The Pop Break since 2015 and writing about pop culture since 2009. A Jersey shore native, Gingerelli is a writer, stand-up comic, hip-hop head, sneaker enthusiast, comic book fan, husband, father and supporter of the local arts scene. He likes debating the best rappers of all time, hates discussing why things were better in the “Good Ol’ Days” and loves beating The Pop Break staff at fantasy football. You can catch up with Angelo on Twitter/IG at https://twitter.com/Mr5thround, at his website www.FifthRoundMovement.com or interviewing rising stars in NJ’s Hip-Hop scene on “The A&R Podcast” (iTunes/SoundCloud).

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