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Iris Lune Unveils New Video for ‘Screenshot’

Brooklyn-based art pop outfit Iris Lune has dropped the video for their song, “Screenshot.”

The video is an absolutely intense, emotional experience — driven by a riveting, and intoxicating electronic hook.

According to press release, the video is the “poetic embodiment of director James Berry’s “what if” scenario and it explores the lack of intimacy and empathy humans experience in modern life, due in many ways, to the screens we use to hide behind–our cell phones.”

Berry said, “This video takes on the human struggle to be vulnerable face-to-face. Our phones attempt to connect humanity, but our screen creates a shield to what is happening directly around us.”

Iris Lune front woman Ella Joy Meir says the song and video are about, “Being connected in many ways but also very disconnected in others.” She explains, “We are so attentive to our phones that sometimes we forget to pay the same attention to what’s in front of us, to be vulnerable with one another face-to-face…Sometimes it’s amazing being connected to the world in ways that weren’t possible in the past, just so long as we don’t forget that life is also happening right now, to us, where we are.”

“Screenshot” is one of five songs featured on the outfit’s Stories In Glass EP, out now.

Iris Lune has only one show scheduled for the rest of 2019, and that is this coming Sunday, October 27th at Elsewhere’s Zone One in their hometown of Brooklyn, NY. Tickets are still available here.

For more on Iris Lune, please find this bio, taken from press release:

Born out of the Middle Eastern folk tradition of her native Israel, Iris Lune is a rich sonic tapestry anchored on Meir’s palpable mystique and limitless sonic mood board, which includes nods to the nearby countries and regions of her youth, including Egypt and Northern Africa, Russia, Turkey, and beyond. Additionally, the queer artist’s embrace and acceptance of her own sexual identity has also risen to the surface of her music in recent years — the culmination of a long journey of self-acceptance that began back home in Israel, where she met her now-wife, Mikhal Weiner.

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