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The Mandalorian Episode 2 Review: ‘The Child’ Gives Us the Gift of Baby Yoda

Mandalorian Episode 2
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The Mandalorian Episode 2, ‘The Child’ accomplishes three distinct things.

First, and most undeniably, it allows everyone with a pulse to fall in love with the character dubbed “Baby Yoda.” This character is so utterly adorable it is literally impossible to not melt every single time it does something. This is the cutest damn character, more so than the Ewoks, or BB-8. If one can be so bold any character, this character can go toe-to-toe with some of the cutest creations Disney and Pixar have created in the past 5-10 years.

This character has become a pop culture phenomenon, and the stuff GIFs are made of. This will be the talking point of The Mandalorian going forward based on sheer adorability alone.

However, this character is more than just cute and cuddly — it’s an absolute mystery. Is this Yoda reincarnated? We know, **SPOILERS**, this child can use the force in a limited capacity, so it’s a possibility. But it’s also a possibility he’s just another being, from Yoda’s lineage/planet/race/what have you that also can harness this force. This will be a driving, well…force, for the series going forward.

The second thing the episode accomplished was that it fully cemented this series as Western. All we’re missing is a Stetson, some tumbleweed, and a cigarette hanging from our heroes’ mouth. The series is hitting the same beats all the classic have — the lone hero, the innocent he must learn to protect, a slow build to violent crescendos, a collision course with money-laden villains, and locals who aid our distrusting hero which ultimately lead to his change of heart. This cementing of the genre, despite all the Star Wars trappings around it, should temper expectations. This is not going to be told in a quick manner, this isn’t a shoot-the-works spectacle — The Mandalorian will be methodical, it will be intense, and when everything comes together it may just end in a glorious shoot out.

The third accomplishment of this episode was the solidification that like “Baby Yoda,” The Mandalorian himself is just an undeniable character. Pedro Pascal’s performance — both physically and vocally — is just so beguiling. It’s utterly fascinating to watch him work. Even though we can’t see his face, everything he does is just filled with layers of emotion. You can tell this bounty hunter has a deep care and concern for Baby Yoda, despite gruff rebuffs and chiding he tosses the baby’s way. You can also tell the years of scarring and pain he’s carrying under his ample armor and that all comes from his body language. It’s just awesome to behold.

The Mandalorian Episode 2, while being essentially a Western headlined by an adorable character, is still inherently Star Wars. We get Jawas, space monsters, The Force, and cranky moisture farmers (Nick Nolte). The series hold a ton of promise, and this weekly adventure is definitely one of the best on television and streaming right now.

The Mandalorian Episode 2, ‘The Child’ is currently streaming on Disney Plus — new episodes air every Friday.

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