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‘The Mandalorian’ Episode 4 Review: The Best Episode of the Series…Till Next Week

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‘Sanctuary,’ Chapter 4 of The Mandalorian, continues the trend of previous episodes, where each week we are treated to better characters, better pacing, and a deeper look into the lore surrounding the title character. It was a bold choice to open the episode with an entirely new conflict and characters, but the decision pays off as it connects the audience to the plight of these new and unfamiliar characters, as well as immediately raising the stakes of the episode. It was also nice to take a break from the “Bounty Hunter Guild” heavy direction of the first three episodes.

The episode opens on Sorgan, where unknown farmers are under attack by what appear to be raiders. After a tense scene where mother and daughter hide under a basket, the raiders retreat into the forest. Mando and The Child land on Sorgan, what they believe to be a safe and relatively hidden planet, and try to find some quiet and out of the way lodging to escape pursuit. After some more incredible interaction between Mando and The Child (The Child drinking bone broth … I mean come on now), we are introduced to Cara Dune (Gina Carano), a former Rebel Shock trooper and front runner for the most interesting supporting character of the series. The fight sequence between the Mandolorian and Dune is probably one of the most well done and realistic hand-to-hand fights I’ve seen in Star Wars.

The pair eventually team up to help protect the fishing village featured in the episode open, and in the process we get to learn more about the mysterious Mandalorian. His helmet and armor cannot be removed in front of others, and if it is, it would seemingly cause him to be unable to ever rejoin his comrades. I’m still of the opinion that we should never see his face, but after a scene in which the helmet comes off out of frame, I suspect that his face will be the big end of Season One reveal. The episode’s battle is well worth the wait, featuring a great nighttime shootout including some edge-of-your-seat close quarters fighting with a menacingly glow in the dark AT-ST.

The highlight of The Mandalorian Episode 4 is the introduction of Cara Dune; she is a character that needs to be included again at some point in the series. I like that Mando is constantly being introduced to new characters, as it sort of cements the idea of chaos and lawlessness in the wake of the Empire’s destruction. The show has found its pacing, and the dialogue is incredibly realistic. I can’t heap enough praise on the cinematography, music, and sound design. Also, getting to see The Child at his happiest will melt the hearts of even his staunchest opponents. ‘Sanctuary’ is the best episode yet, but I feel like I’ll be saying the same thing come next Friday.

The Mandalorian Episode 4, ‘The Sanctuary’ is now streaming on Disney Plus.



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