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The Mandalorian Chapter 8 Review: “Redemption” is a fitting finale

We need more Mandalorian. Hurry up, Season 2!

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The first season of Disney +’s hit show The Mandalorian has come to a close. While the program has made the internet obsessed with Baby Yoda, the season finale does find a way to give time to all of the characters we saw in peril at the end of the nail-biting Chapter 7. I won’t say who lives or dies, because you should find out for yourself! However, I’m sure some news site that you follow on Facebook will find a way to ruin it for you before you even find the time to watch the almost hour-long episode. Anyway, let’s press on.

When we last left our heroes, Baby Yoda was left on the ground (HOW DARE THEY) and was picked up by scout troopers. His protector Kuill (voiced by Nick Nolte) was shot and killed. Mando (Pedro Pascal), Greef (Carl Weathers), and Cara (Gina Carano) were face-to-face with a Stormtrooper army, led by Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito), whose name we and background we learn about in Chapter 8. We also learn (via Moff) the real name of the Mandalorian, and more about where the bounty hunter with a heart of gold comes from. Intriguing!

The episode opens with the comedic touch of Taika Waititi, as there is some silly dialogue between two scout troopers as they interact with Baby Yoda. Then there is a blaster gag. While I appreciated the scene overall and did laugh, it runs on a bit too long and feels a tad jarring in this overly violent and serious episode. Thankfully, Waititi keeps the rest of the episode going with not too much joking around.

Speaking of violence, this episode has a ton of shoot-out moments, and they are all well-choregraphed, intense, and awesome. I definitely raised my fist in the air a lot as to show enthusiasm for the events occurring, and every one of the main characters get to share in the bad-assery. Of course Baby Yoda looks cute while everything happens. What more could one want?

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We also get a return of The Mandalorian Blacksmith/Armorer (Emily Swallow), who has her own awesome moment against some stormtroopers, and provides a little bit of help to the band of heroes that we’ve been with for the past few episodes. It’s an awesome moment, and one I definitely cheered at.

This season finale definitely feels like that those who have stayed with it the whole time will feel a sense of payoff, and that is appreciated. Lines uttered and feel like throwaway material in previous episodes are linked to moments that happen in Mandalorian Chapter 8. I respect that kind of story-telling, without a doubt.

Of course, any season finale ends with a cliffhanger, and not all ends are tied up. That is true of The Mandalorian as well, and it intriguing to think about what the next season will bring, and if it will maintain the excitement, intrigue, and wonder that this show brought. I know for a lot of people that this was the kind of Star Wars storytelling that was refreshing, it got away from the Skywalker saga and kept things fresh, but also familiar. So hopefully those fans will get more of what they want in Season 2.

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For me, a person is very much not a die hard Star Wars fan, I really enjoyed the story, the characters, and the simplicity that The Mandalorian brought to the table. Not every episode knocked it out of the park but I found each chapter entertaining and full of very cool moments overall. Plus, Baby Yoda is the best!

I’ll be there for Season 2, no doubt. This is the way. I have spoken.

The Mandalorian Chapters 8, ‘Redemption’ and the rest of the series are currently streaming on Disney +


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