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3 Most Anticipated Anime for Winter 2020

Just because the presents were unwrapped for whatever holiday you celebrate, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t still plenty of gifts to be had in 2020. Beginning in early January the anime season kicks into gear with some awesome new titles. So here’s our Three Most Anticipated Anime for Winter 2020.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record
(Magia Rekōdo: Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magika Gaiden)

Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, Magical Girls risk their lives to protect humanity against Witches (creatures that feed off of misery and spread curses). A Magical Girl is not born, but is granted power through a contract.

A girl must make a wish, which is always granted, but in return, the girl’s soul is put in a small gem, which is also the source of their magic and if the gem is destroyed, the magic will disappear and the girl will die. As we learned in the first series, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, the gem can also become tainted by negative emotions, turning it black and transforming it into a grief seed, which will cause the girl will turn into a witch.

Our new heroine is Iroha Tamaki, a Magical Girl that can’t seem to remember not only her wish, but something very important that has been lost. Still, she continues to fight every day, without even knowing why. That is, until a rumor begins to spread among Magical Girls that says they can be saved if they go to Kamihama City, the city where Magical Girls and Uwasa (creatures that exist to spread and fulfill rumors, attacking those who meet the rumors’ conditions or who prevent the rumors’ completion) are gathering. While Iroha may be central, Madoka’s story is still unfinished as she is going to Kamihama as well in search of Homura.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record will begin streaming on Crunchyroll January 11th, 2020.



There are people who have the ability to hack into the minds of other human beings. With this ability they can manipulate all of someone’s memories and destroy their mind. As can be expected, there are people who misuse this power to cover-up assassinations and other brutal crimes.

However, this power can also backfire and eat up one’s heart instead. To keep their hearts from being corrupted, these humans use chains to protect their fragile hearts from getting damaged. And because of how they are treated in a world full of darkness and misery, they are labeled as “Pets”.

will mainly focus on 4 characters: Tsukasa, whom hates how super humans like him are often looked down upon, and aims to create a better life for those who are just like him. Hiroki, who works under Tsukasa, which makes him Tsukasa’s Pet and has the ability to get inside the minds of his victims and completely manipulate their memories. Satoru, Hayashi’s Pet, who really admires him, but unfortunately, he has not seen him for the past two years, so he has been working with Katsuragi instead. And Hayashi, who also possesses the supernatural ability to manipulate the minds of people, but his whereabouts are currently unknown.

Pet will begin streaming on Amazon Prime January 6th, 2020.


Somali and the Forest Spirit (Somali to Mori no Kamisama)

The human species has been persecuted, almost driven to the point of extinction and the world is ruled by spirits, goblins, and all manner of strange creatures.

Human beings are persecuted, to the very point of extinction. One day in this strange, fantastical world, a Golem, the guardian of the forest, encounters a young human girl who calls the Golem “Papa.”

Somali and the Forest Spirit tells the story of a strange pair, one a member of a ruined race, the other a watchman of the forest, and of their travels together as the bond between father and daughter develops and grows despite their differences.

Somali and the Forest Spirit will begin streaming on Crunchyroll January 2020.


Rachel Freeman
Rachel Freeman
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