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Comic Review: The Red Mother #2

Photo Credit: BOOM! Studios

The Red Mother #2 is published by BOOM! Studios it is created and written by Jeremy Haun with art by Danny Luckert.

We start the issue with a flash of Red Mother followed by Daisy sleeping. That is, until her slumber is disrupted by a super unsettling apparition of Luke sitting on the couch talking about how he’s always loved watching her sleep. Which would be cute if he wasn’t discolored with a wide-eyed stare. You know the stare, the one possessed people in movies get where they’re looking at something but it’s like they’re a million miles away. Danny Luckert does an amazing job with depicting this within Luke.

Despite his presence, he looks like he’s underwater almost, more importantly, he looks terrified. We learn a bit more about Daisy while she talks with her therapist. Some very important information that doesn’t seem that interesting right away but comes in to play later. Again, Daisy’s therapist is very logical, calm, and seemingly helpful. But for some reason, the more I see her, the more it makes me question her. If the horror genre has taught me anything, it’s that you never trust anyone who comes after the trigger event.

Photo Credit: BOOM! Studios

I cannot compliment Danny Luckert enough with just how scary Red Mother is. Honestly, it’s creepy enough to look at on a page, but if I saw that thing in real life? I would be just as freaked out and paranoid as Daisy. Hell, if Red Mother ever makes it in to a movie or TV series, well for starters that’d be amazing, but man, I could see that ghostly monster form being incredibly chilling. I also really love how Red Mother looks different from the rest of the art, almost like she’s separated from it, she’s coming out of it.

Jeremy Haun is great at setting things up. Simple details in conversation make for great plot devices. Daisy casually mentions that she loves her job designing puzzles and then that comes back around. Haun has also done his research because I’ve never heard of Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS) but it’s a very real condition that commonly occurs in people who’ve lost their sight, causing them to have hallucinations. Everything Daisy is experiencing could actually happen, and that’s truly terrifying. I can’t wait for more.


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Rachel Freeman
Rachel Freeman
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