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The Bachelor Season 24 Episode 8: Controversy Abounds in the Hometowns Episode

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Welcome to The Bachelor Season 24 Episode 8 aka the hometowns episode, baby!

Hometown 1 – Hannah Ann – Knoxville, TN

Cue the Mulan music, because Hannah Ann said that she’d make a man out of Peter. They go axe throwing on their date. From what they show us, both Hannah Ann and Peter are terrible at throwing axes at bullseyes. Peter wrote Hannah Ann a letter of the 20 things that he loves about her, since she wrote him that kind of letter during the last date. She seemed to melt at the sentiment. 

Once they got into the house, Hannah’s mother and sisters were very excited to see them both, but Hannah’s father was NOT thrilled. Hannah’s sister pulled her away and was sobbing at how happy they looked together. 

Peter spoke with Hannah Ann’s mom, who didn’t seem thrilled while talking directly to him. She expressed that she’ll be happy as long as Hannah Ann is happy, but Peter’s dad wouldn’t be so easy to win over. So, Peter sat down with Hannah Ann’s dad. Her father asked where he saw himself with the other girls in comparison to his daughter. Peter danced around the question and said, “There’s something real here” in reference to his relationship with Hannah Ann. Peter told Hannah Ann’s father that he was falling in love with her, and her father told Peter to not tell her that unless he was very serious about her. So OBVIOUSLY within a minute of being back alone with Hannah Ann, he said it directly to her face. No better way to build family bonds than to lie directly to your potential father-in-law’s face. 

Hometown 2 – Kelsey – Des Moines, IA

Their date involves them stomping grapes to make wine. After they stomped grapes, they went to a place to mix the wine together. I’m not surprised that her date was as boring as it was, it’s very on-brand for her. While on this date, Kelsey mentioned that she is in love with Peter. He did not respond directly, he just decided to make out with her. 

Oh good, all of Kelsey’s female family members all look exactly like her! The most interesting thing about the date so far is that I just found out that Peter had never had a crab Rangoon before. How is that even possible?? 

Kelsey’s mom was more genuine than Hannah Ann’s mom seemed to be. She expressed that she had a hard time since she previously went through a divorce and she didn’t want to see her daughter go through that. Kelsey was talking to her mother and started getting teary-eyed, and then her mother started getting teary-eyed, so at least we know where it comes from.

This hometown visit was exactly as I imagined it would be. There was no drama, no excitement, it was very average and safe.

Hometown 3 – Madison – Auburn, AL

They went to Auburn arena. There was a video on the jumbotron from Charles Barkley directed to the two of them, which was very surprising. Then, they were greeted by Bruce Pearl who is the head coach of the Auburn men’s basketball team. They have a fun little challenge where Madison was dribbling two basketballs and Peter had to copy what she was doing. Today I learned that Madison is very good at basketball, and Peter is not. 

They met with Madison’s family and originally, I thought her father was one of her brother’s because he has such a young face. He simultaneously looks like he’s 15 years old and 55 years old. During their dinner, they had something called a “special plate” where one person at the dinner gets a plate and everyone around the table had to say something nice about that person. Madison got the special plate and her family along with Peter all said sweet things about her. After that the family said a prayer before eating.

Madison’s mom spoke with her first, and she expressed concern. She asked Madison if Peter was aware of her promise to herself about saving her intimacy for marriage. She told her mother that Peter wasn’t aware of that fact yet, but if she made it to next week it would play a major role, since next week is fantasy suites. 

Madison couldn’t bring herself to tell Peter that she was falling in love with him yet, but Peter was still confident in their relationship. Peter told the camera that he loved her. 

Hometown 4 – Victoria – Virginia Beach, VA

Victoria and Peter met up on a beach and played catch with Victoria’s dog. They went to an old timey photos shop and then got ice cream. After that, they went to a Hunter Hayes concert. On the way out of the concert, while Peter was heading to the car, Peter ran into a girl that he used to date. 

The girl warned him about dating Victoria. She then said that she used to be friends with Victoria but they’re not anymore. Apparently, Victoria has broken up relationships and caused issues. Admittedly, all of the advice that this girl gave to Peter was very vague and unconvincing. 

Peter met up with Victoria right before he was supposed to meet up with her parents. He told Victoria who he ran into and everything she said about her, and Victoria immediately went into crazy defense mode. She said, “So much drama all the fucking time” and cue the waterworks.

Every argument they have is the feeling of Victoria wanting to leave and then him walking her off the ledge. She said, “I’m so done with this conversation right now” and she literally got up and walked away from him. She doesn’t know how to handle conflict and it causes them to get into huge arguments.

Victoria came back to Peter and said that she didn’t know what to say to him. She’s dragged him through so much drama and hardship this whole season, but he’s such a sucker for a crying woman that he always stayed and kept her on.

So, they hugged, and he told her “You deserve to be loved. Don’t push that away” and he got in the car and left. He never met her family. 

The next morning, Peter felt horrible and conflicted. He’s such a sucker for broken women. Victoria showed up at his hotel and apologized to him. Victoria told Peter that she was falling in love with him, but Peter’s confused because it blows up because they have no communication skills. He’s terrified of investing time and effort into her and the fear of her just walking away. Victoria mentioned that she had never had to try this hard before. She told him that the ball was in his court, and he said that he wouldn’t make a decision then and there. 

The Bachelor Season 24 Episode 8 Rose Ceremony

Received a rose

🌹 Hannah Ann

🌹 Madison 

🌹 Victoria 

Went Home

🥀 Kelsey

I have to admit that I’m not a fan of how this episode in particular glamorized toxic relationships. Peter should not have selected Victoria, but it’s so painfully obvious that he wants her to make it to Fantasy Suites. 

Quite frankly, I wish I could watch Kelsey freak out after watching this particular episode back at home. She’ll be devastated knowing that he picked that psychopath over her. 

See you at Fantasy Suites!

The Bachelor Season 24 Episode 8 ‘Hometowns’ is now streaming on Hulu.



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