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NXT 2/19 Review: The Road to Tampa Begins

After a quick look at some of what went down at NXT Takeover: Portland, we get a short recap of Velveteen Dream’s return and curious antagonism towards Roderick Strong.

The Undisputed Era, kicks off NXT 2/19, coming down to the ring so NXT Champion, Adam Cole, can gloat about his win over Tomasso Ciampa to retain his title.  The tone switches gears, though, as Roderick Strong threatens Velveteen Dream and swears on his family that he will punish him for all his mockery.  As they leave the ring, the replay and the announcers show us that Adam Cole had a huge (and unexpected) assist from Johnny Gargano at Takeover.

Lio Rush vs Jordan Devlin(c) for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Maybe it was about saving it until they were out of the commercial break “little window” but there was mostly brawling and mat wrestling at the start.  In fact, there was more folkstyle/freestyle than lucha libre until come back. Even then, we see a lot of power moves out of Devlin, including an uranage and a half-and-half suplex.  The crowd gets behind Lio after he survives a deep Camel Clutch but Devlin continues battering him with chops, uppercuts, and kicks. Even his Come Up gets caught and turned into a Canadian Backbreaker.  It’s a tope that gets Rush back into the match and he follows up with a crossbody from the top rope for a two count. A pendulum cutter and a boot to the mouth gets Jordan Devlin back on track and he blocks Lio’s comeback with a standing Spanish Fly.  Rush turns the cover into a Koji Clutch but the champion gets to the ropes. Rush hits a reverse Frankensteiner and The Come Up but Devlin’s foot gets to the rope. A headbutt puts Lio Rush on his ass and holding onto the arm gives the Irish Ace the window to hit The Devlin-side.

Winner… and still Cruiserweight Champion: Jordan Devlin

Backstage, Raquel Gonzalez explains her interference in Dakota Kai and Teagan Nox’s street fight in Portland.  She saw Dakota getting the shaft and felt a kinship. When Dakota stood up for herself, she was ostracized so Raquel lent a helping hand.  Dakota offers her loyalty in return but William Regal shows up to say loyalty won’t help in two weeks. In fourteen sleeps, it’s Kai vs Nox inside of a steel cage!

A flashback from Sunday shows Cathy Kelly getting one last show up on NXT when NXT Women’s Champion, Rhea Ripley, tells her that Charlotte Flair attacking her and accepting her challenge for Wrestlemania is giving her exactly what she wanted.

Austin Theory vs ???

The jacked young star comes out to the ring but Tomasso Ciampa comes out and addresses his loss at Takeover and his history with Johnny Gargano.  When Theory gets too close, he’s warned “not tonight,” and he abides… for a bit. He tries to rush The Sicilian Psychopath but gets dropped… twice… no thrice before being pinballed off of the barricades repeatedly.

Chelsea Green is in a photo shoot directed by her agent, Robert Stone.

Raul Mendoza & Joaquin Wilde vs The Grizzled Young Veterans

Zack Gibson and James Drake use their size advantage nd some Midnight Express level tandem offense to beat up on Joaquin Wilde.  Mendoza has better luck after the hot tag but a Shatter Machine like maneuver puts him down for the count.

Winners:  The Grizzled Young Veterans

After the match, Gibson refers to the crowd at Full Sail University as “The Land of the Neckbeards and Home of the Ignorant Yanks.”  They vow to work their way to titles.

The Broserweights are in the house!  Despite getting their golf cart impounded, they partied hard enough to endanger their status with the wellness policy!  Enough of the cele-bro-tion. They’ve got a fight on their hands!

Pete Dunne & Matt Riddle vs Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch

Riddle is the outlier here but his MMA influence gels with the British submission/strong style hybrid that the other men practice.  The Original Bro ends up in deep water but gets rocked with a ounch that sends him spinning towards his corner. The Riddle End puts Lorcan down and The Broserweights retain.

Winners: Matt Riddle & Pete Dunn

Roderick Strong is in the locker room and letting the rest of Undisputed Era that he wants them out of his match tonight.  The beef with Velveteen Dream is something he has to do by himself.

The Forgotten Sons are not happy about The Grizzled Young Veterans’ disparaging comments about America and they are ready to do something about it.

Keith Lee vs Kona Reeves

Keith Lee makes his way to the ring as his appearance on WWE Backstage is shown.  Just as he’s about to speak, though, Kona Reeves’ music hits. Kona gets in the ring and grabs a mic but gets pounced into a corner for his transgression!  The North American champ tells them to ring the bell and, less than a minute later, a Big Bang Catastrophe ends it.

Winner: Keith Lee

Dominik Dijakovic gets to the ring and says that he had Lee beat at Takeover but the champ isn’t interested in excuses.  What he is interested in is what the fans have chanted whenever they’re in the ring together and the Full Sial faithful help him out with a “Fight For-ever!”  Double D may have lost at takeover but, if he can convince William Regal, Keith Lee is happy to keep the show going.

Kayden Carter vs Chelsea Green (w/ Robert Stone)

The former “Hot Mess” of Impact has roughly half a foot on Carter but can barely stay even with her until a slip on the ropes in the corner.  Green takes advantage with a knee to the neck and bullying tactics like standing on her hair. Then, out of nowhere, Bianaca Belair gets in the middle of the ring.  The crowd chants “E-S-T!” while she channels Kanye with a “Ima let you finish.” She wants to call out Charlotte Flair and let her know she intends to whoop dat ass.  As we return to the regularly scheduled match, Robert Stone trips up Kayden Carter at the ankles. Chelsea Green hits a variation on The Unprettier and increases her brand with her first televised NXT victory.

Winner:  Chelsea Green

Roderick Strong vs The Velveteen Dream

Roderick can barely get through his pre-match “boom.”  He’s fixated on Dream and that’s exactly what he wants.  Start/stop in the beginning with Dream’s mind games and baiting.  It backfires when Roddy goes to work on the lower back. It’s an expertly done “sloppy” match with wild strikes and awkward collisions.  Dream is ahead on proverbial points owing to his size and reach but, when he goes up top, Roddy shoves his crotch first onto the turnbuckle.  They jockey for position with Strong pulling Dream off for a backbreaker but he kicks out. Boston Crab but Dream make sit to the rope and dumps Roddy to the outside.  They’re slugging it out on the mat until they get back to their feet and Dream hits the Dream Valley Driver. He takes a step back from the prone Roderick Strong and begins peeling off his jumpsuit to reveal purple tights with Marina Shafir’s face airbrushed onto the crotch!  He ascends the turnbuckle but leaps to the outside to intercept Undisputed Era! Dream springboards back inside the ring but eats a jumping knee strike from Roderick. It’s a two count but a second Dream Valley Driver gets the three count.

Winner: The Velveteen Dream

Dream wins the battle but it’s pyrrhic victory as The Undisputed Era decimate him after the match.

Five Takeaways from NXT 2/19

  1. Nigel McGuinness going heel after winning the Ring of Honor Championship was expertly done and exactly what was needed.  His going heel on commentary in a three (and-a-half) person booth? Not working as well.

  2. Anyone groaning about the continuation of Keith Lee vs Dominik Dijakovic will have to supply me with the names of two guys on the NXT roster that are capable of giving us the same level of consistency in “Oh my ****ing goodness!” matches.

  3. I’m calling it that Grizzled Young Veterans run over Forgotten Sons on their way towards a program vs Dunne & Riddle.  I’m guessing that you are, too.

  4. Bianca Belair would be a quality addition to a triple threat match with Charlotte and Rhea.  It would elevate her immensely but I want a little more than “You went through me to get the Rhea.”  The EST has to do something to The Queen to get into this dance.

  5. Put me in the camp that just did not get on board with this Dream/Roddy feud.  Dream is doing the heel work and then goes over? Not how I’d go. Either this should have gone as a double turn or it shouldn’t have gone down the road it did.

NXT 2/19 will air on the WWE Network tonight.


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