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And The Winner Still Is: The Kramers, Kurtz, Norma Rae & The 1979 Oscars

Welcome to the second episode of Season 2 of our retrospective Oscar podcast series — And the Winner Still Is. Hosted by film editor Marisa Carpico and television editor Matt Taylor (Way too Early Oscar Predictions Podcast)this series looks at various years in Oscar history. On this episode they are joined by Pop Break’s Television Editor, Alex Marcus.

The winner of Best Picture is spotlighted and then the other films in the category are discussed. The duo also breaks down the director and the acting categories as well as other another notable categories. Of course their own our personal snubs will be addressed as well. And most importantly we look at how these films, these nominations, and these snubs all shake out in today’s cinematic, cultural and philosophical landscape as well as how they were perceived in the time period.

The episode focuses on the 1979 Oscars aka the 52nd Academy Awards. Nominated for Best Picture were: Kramer v Kramer, All That Jazz, Apocalypse Now, Breaking Away, and Norma Rae. Winning individual awards were: Dustin Hoffman (Best Actor – Kramer v Kramer), Sally Field (Best Actress – Norma Rae), Melvyn Douglas (Best Supporting Actor – Being There), Meryl Streep (Best Supporting Actress – Kramer v Kramer), and Robert Benton (Best Director – Kramer v Kramer).

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And The Winner Still Is Season 2 Premiere Episode – The episode focuses on the 1996 Oscars aka the 69th Academy Awards. Nominated for Best Picture were: English Patient, Fargo, Jerry Maguire, Secrets & Lies, Shine. Winning individual awards were: Geoffrey Rush (Best Actor – Shine), Frances McDormand (Best Actress – Fargo), Cuba Gooding Jr. (Best Supporting Actor – Jerry Maguire), Juliette Binoche (Best Supporting Actress – English Patient), and Anthony Minghella (Best Director – English Patient).

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