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AEW Dynamite Episode 21 Review: An Excellent Go-Home Episode in Kansas City

AEW Dynamite Episode 21 kicks off with a singles match, but not any singles match, but an Iron Man Match, featuring Kenny Omega defeated The Bastard, PAC, 2 falls to 1. This match went nearly 40 minutes long, as after 30 minutes of the best match I may have ever seen, possibly both Omega and PACs best match, or at least up in their own top 10. Non-stop, high-impact and hold damn they put on the show of shows, portraying the desperation with each 2-count, with each near-fall, and kick out of a major signature move. Going into overtime, you believed Omega took one-too-many shots to the head, but busting out Snapdragons like candy, Omega rallied back and crushed PAC with the One Winged Angel for the win. 

Post match, a staredown with Orange Cassidy led to their booked match for this weekend’s Revolution. 

This match folks, will be amazing. 

Next up, Jurassic Express defeated The Inner Circle. Tonight’s show continues to electrify. The crowd is on fire, and the wrestlers do not let up for a moment with amazing ability in the ring which keeps the live fans and the fans at home on their feet at full attention. Luchasuarus is BEAST. Great triple teams on the unsuspecting Spanish God. Jungle Boy hits the hurricanrana roll up for the win, with a brief assist from Darby Allin.

Best Friends defeated Butcher and the Blade. This was a short and to-the-point match. Best Friends hyped the crowed, a bit of a comedy moment between Cassidy and Bunny, but with quick teamwork, get the quick win. Seems Butcher and Blade are a bit on the decline, really not sure where these guys are going to go, seems maybe some time off would benefit. 

Hikaru Shida defeated Big Swole, Shanna, and Yuka Sakazaki

This match, was, awesome. Four women all who will certainly be on the rise as their careers in AEW progress. Yuka was the comedy character, but she can fly and move. Shanna, becoming another favorite thanks to her DBZ nods, will be a future main-eventer. Big Swole, no worries about her losing now. She will be a champ in the future, easily. Shida is the right choice for winning, she’s been off TV for a while, but when she is on, she gets crowd loyalty and delivers solid matches. 

We get a sit-down interview segment with Jim Ross and The Elite, discussing their upcoming tag team title match. To make a long story short, this finally resulted in Hang(over)man Page losing his cool, feeling as though he doesn’t belong, with Omega and Bucks trying to convince him otherwise, but he doesn’t buy it. He turns every encouraging comment into a criticism, which the other Elite members attribute to him “bringing a drink everywhere.” 

This was very well done, with the gradual nudges into the full-blown argument. 

The final segment of the night was a weigh in. They made it look boxing style, with a couple of pretty girls, some “promoters” in fancy suits, and even carting out Gary Michael Capetta, who I think only a handful of the live audience even knew. Jericho took a stab with a WCW knock. Inevitably, it broke down into a brawl, and holy crap, when Darby Allin showed up the crowd lost their minds. The show closes with The Inner Circle on top, but this Saturday night promises to be the biggest PPV for AEW yet. 

AEW Dynamite Episode 21 from Kansas City is currently on demand and streaming on the TNT website and app.

Michael Dworkis
Michael Dworkis
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