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WWE Superstar Rusev on ‘Another Version of You,’ His WWE Career & More

Photo Courtesy of Another Version of You

WWE Superstar Rusev (real name: Miroslav Barnyashev) has made a career of crushing his opponents every week on Monday Night RAW, and on the grandest stage of them all — Wrestlemania.

However, there’s more to the former multi-time United States Champion, and the recently naturalized U.S. citizen than just his exploits in the confines of the squared circle.

In this audio interview with Pop Break’s Rob Crowther IV and Tim Urig, Rusev talks about his transition into the acting world in the film Another Version of You. The film, which he served as an executive producer on, revolves around a man given the ability to search parallel universes where other versions of the woman he’s been in love with his whole life (and is now married) “may not only exist but where one of them could possibly even love him back.”

“The Bulgarian Brute” portrays the long-haired, mutton chopped character Kiril in the sci-fi tinged romantic adventure. The film also stars Rusev’s real-life (and on-screen ex-wife) CJ Perry (aka “The Ravishing Russian” Lana) and legendary NFL running back Eddie George (famously of the Tennessee Titans). Another Version of You, was written and directed by Motke Dapp, and is currently available on Amazon Prime.

The “super athlete” also talks with the boys about the WWE, wrestling business, his home life, learning to play music, and even has some great advice to share for up and coming independent wrestling talents.

Tune in for our long form audio interview with one of the best and most entertaining wrestlers on the planet today, all just in time for Rusev Day!

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Rob Crowther IV
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Rob "Bobman" Crowther IV is host of The Bob Culture Podcast and drummer for local Jersey rockers, Vextion. This drummer with a mic can often be found on the site reviewing wrestling, superhero shows, and movies. Rob loves to put the spotlight on up and coming local bands and indy wrestling talents. @bobculturepod


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