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Socially Distanced Episode #1: Tom Brady, The Mandalorian & Music in a Time of Quarantine

Pop Break is proud to be powering a brand new podcast — Socially Distanced.

The podcast features Pop Break’s reluctant Managing Editor Al Mannarino and always tired editor-in-chief Bill Bodkin — two pop culture-obsessed dads stuck in quarantine. One day, they have decided to take their Facebook messenger conversations (which have been non-stop for six years now) and turn them into a podcast (something they said they’d do years ago, but never did, because you know, life).

Every episode, they discuss everything in the world movies, music, sports, television and pop culture — all the wonderful, distracting things keeping them sane in this time of socially distancing.

This week we’re introduced to the podcast and the format of the episode:

Seriously, What Just Happened??: The lads discuss Tom Brady’s decision to sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers — seriously, what just happened?? They talk about the Bucs as a landing spot, their current roster, does TB12 bring them to the playoffs in year one, and why they think another NFC South Team will end up in the Super Bowl…and it is not the Bucs.

A Slice of Fried Gold: A segment where the lads talk about a small slice of fun (fried gold) they found on the internet. This episode they look at the men who inspired the segment name — Nick Frost and Simon Pegg who produced an excellent COVID-19 PSA called “The Plan.”

The Soundtrack to our Quarantine: Songs or bands that we’re listening to and you should totally be too in order to keep your mind savvy during this time.

Bill’s Pick: “Please, Don’t Let Me Disappear” by Modern Chemistry

Al’s Pick: “Ice Cream Sundae” by Inhaler

A Little Bit of Hope: Bill and Al discuss all the news surrounding The Mandalorian Season 2 including the addition of Rosario Dawson to the cast, and Robert Rodriguez directing a few episodes.

Socially Distanced is available on Anchor.Fm and Spotify.

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