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QuaranTV Check-In: Strike Back & Chopped

QuaranTV Check-In is a series where the television staff of ThePopBreak.com recommends shows for you to binge during this time of quarantine, social distancing, and shelter at home. In this columns we will be combining high octane action with high temperature reality television. Enjoy. Stay Healthy. Stay Safe.

Strike Back
Photo Credit: Cinemax

Strike Back (Cinemax, 2010-Current)
Written by Ben Murchison

Sometimes when you are cooped up inside with nothing to do because a deadly virus is sweeping across the globe, there can still be a silver lining or two. For me, that silver lining is having the chance to catch back up with the Cinemax original series Strike Back.

This action series, which has been on since 2010 and is currently airing its 8th season, is one that I have been wanting to get into for a long time.

Strike Back has an overall story trajectory that serves as a backdrop for the mission of the week making it easy to watch an episode here or there or a big chunk all at once. It also is as action packed as any show I’ve ever seen. Strike Back’s cast features a very likable duo with Stonebridge (Philip Winchester, Law & Order: SVU) and Scott (Sullivan Stapleton, Blindspot), that can add a level of levity to circumstances, along with a great supporting cast. While they often find their way out of dire situations, they don’t do so unscathed, and important people often die, which gives the show an important level of unpredictability. So far, it’s been an action-packed blast to watch, and I’m excited to keep watching.

Strike Back is currently available on MAX GO, Hulu and Amazon Prime.

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