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The Big Show Show Review: A Disney Channel Sitcom with Wrestling References

Big Show Show
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Welllll … it’s the Big Show … show!

That’s right, the seven-time World Champion and former Captain Insano (The Waterboy) (aka Paul Wight) is now the star of his own Netflix series, aptly named, The Big Show Show. The series is an amalgamation of a Disney Channel-esque family sitcom mixed with some well-placed insider humor from the world of professional wrestling. The combination proves to be a more potent combo than a patented Big Show choke slam followed by a knockout punch.

The premise revolves around the “world’s largest athlete” raising his two younger daughters along with his oldest daughter, from a previous marriage, who is moving in. There’s a lot of patented family sitcom comedy, and shenanigans throughout the series. Sure, it’s super cheese at times, but there’s a lot of heart here, and admittedly, the series is pretty cute and is bolstered by a solid cast.

Aside from Wight and his plethora of dad jokes, daughter J.J. (Juliet Donenfeld) is a real standout with her “totes adorbs” attitude. Sitcom veteran Jaleel White (yes, Steve Urkel) plays the goofy friend of Show who’s always messing around with new inventions, funny costumes, and getting into all sorts of silly situations. So…he’s Urkel basically.

My favorite part of the show easily our leading man’s dialogue calling back to his days in the ring. First, I love that everybody refers to our leading man as by his in-ring name — even his wife! He casually mentions knocking out the Macho Man or braiding Mick Foley’s hair as he takes care of his three daughters. He even mentions the Undertaker and his wife (Michelle McCool) selling real estate together. This is what brings in some of the older wrestling fans with families of their own.

The real fans of wrestling should check out Episode Six, “The Big Party” to see some pretty big names from the squared circle. No spoilers, sorry!

Much like the wrestler himself, The Big Show Show is a force to be reckoned with as it easily would fit right in with any Disney Channel series or ABC Sitcom.  Plus as always, the Big Man himself oozes charisma.  There’s nothing groundbreaking here other than this being the first sitcom based around a retired wrestler, but the formula works.

The Big Show Show on Netflix is currently streaming on Netflix.

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