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Solar Opposites Review: Rick & Morty Fans are in for an Optimistic Surprise of R-Rated Family Fun

Solar Opposites
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If you love Rick and Morty, but wish it could be a little more positive, then look no further than Solar Opposites, Hulu’s new adult animated series from writer and voice actor Justin Roiland (Rick and Morty). I, like many other Americans during this tough time, needed something to keep me busy. Something that would take my mind off the terribleness of the world, but also give me a few laughs of relief ever so often. And boy, did Solar Opposites deliver. 

To preface, my humor largely falls in the style of Dan Harmon (Community, Rick and Morty) and Michael Schur (Parks & Rec, The Good Place). Two extremely different human beings in the comedy world, but they are each creative geniuses in their own right. I love the nihilistic, satirical humor of Harmon and the positive, sharply intelligent creations of Schur. However, at a time when everything seems negative, people may be craving something that could combine the two, while also giving something new to binge in quick succession, and Justin Roiland, along with co-creator Mike McMahan, may have come up with the perfect answer. 

Solar Opposites’ marketing ahead of its premiere last week made it appear to be more or less an unofficial Rick and Morty spin-off. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as Rick and Morty is a worldwide sensation with a fanbase as loyal as they come. However, the show is actually very smart and original in its own right. 

The series follows a family of aliens who take refuge on the planet Earth after their own is destroyed, and let’s just say they can’t exactly figure out if they love it or hate it. So, exactly how every other human feels about Earth presently. The series is smart and witty, with a comedy style similar to Rick and Morty, but oddly optimistic instead of earth-shatteringly nihilistic. Its central family feels oddly normal and relatable, while also never losing track of the fact they are literal aliens. This relatability quickly leads the audience to care for their outcomes and root for them to succeed as not only a unit but also a family. 

It’s a quick binge, with only eight, half-hour episodes, and it will leave you with an excitement for the show’s second season. All in all, the show is worth the watch for any Rick and Morty fan, but also just a fan of some well-intentioned humor, which we all need now more than ever. At the end of the day, the Rick and Morty-esque style might get the fan base there, but the actual touching and creative nature of the series will have you wanting more. 

Solar Opposites is currently streaming on Hulu.


Laura Dengrove
Laura Dengrove
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