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Comic Review: Wynd #1



Wynd #1 is published by BOOM! Studios. It is written and created by James Tynion IV with illustration and co-creation by Michael Dialynas.

Wynd is different from the rest of the people of Pipetown. He’s a “weirdblood,” someone who can use magic, someone normal humans are afraid of. Wynd lives with his best friend, Oakley, and her mother, both of whom know his secret and do their best to keep him safe. However, with the return of the Bandaged Man, someone who is apparently very good at hunting magic users, Wynd’s world is about to change forever.

Wynd isn’t the only one whose life is about to change though. His crush, a boy named Thorn, who happens to be close with Prince Yorick, is also about to have his life changed forever. Though we don’t exactly know how yet, but based in the comic description and the ending, it’s safe to say everyone is in for quite an adventure.


This debut issue sets the tone for the series. It starts off with a terrifying transformation, and though it turns out just to be Wynd’s dream, the foreshadowing of something sinister is very apparent. From there we see what Wynd’s daily life is like and we understand he must keep his pointy ears hidden, lest someone realize he isn’t human. It’s also made very clear that most of the people of Pipetown don’t like magic folk. They don’t just hate them, they’re terrified of them, for reasons we don’t yet fully understand. I’m not sure how accurate the description Thorn’s dad gives us is, but if we are to believe it, then even tiny, adorable Sprytles are dangerous. Honestly, given Tynion’s track record (I love his work), I could totally see these cute little plant creatures wreaking havoc.

While Michael Dialynas’ art is incredibly colorful and honestly makes me feel happy just looking at it, he can also be downright dark. The same can be said about James Tynion’s writing. It’s so pleasant and happy … until someone or something dies a horrible death. That’s one of the things that I think makes them a good match. We’re also immediately introduced to this divisive world where humanity seems to live in isolation and fear of the magical world. Is it for good reason? Are the Blood Laws actually keeping people safe? Or is it all a fear tactic for the King to keep the people afraid and under control? Or maybe it’s both? I certainly can’t wait to find out.


Make sure to pick up Wynd #1 from your local comic shop!

Happy reading!

Rachel Freeman
Rachel Freeman
Rachel Freeman is a staff writer and comic review editor at Pop Break. She regularly contributes comic book reviews, such as The Power of the Dark Crystal, Savage Things, Mother Panic, Dark Nights: Metal, Rose, and more. She also contributes anime reviews, such as Berserk, Garo: Vanishing Line and Attack on Titan as well as TV reviews. She has been part of The BreakCast for the Definitive Defenders Podcast. Outside of her writing for Pop Break, Rachel is currently a pre-school teacher. She is a college graduate with her BA in History and MAED. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram: @Raychikinesis.

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