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NJ Next: Tru Trilla

Photo Courtesy of the artist

Newark, New Jersey has been a major player in Hip-Hop since the late ’70s and Tru Trilla keeps the city’s legacy alive on his new project featuring production from around the globe and guest appearances by some of Brick City’s finest MC’s.

Check out Angelo Gingerelli’s interview with the veteran rapper and look out for his latest project wherever you listen to music…

When did you become a Hip-Hop fan? When did you make the transition from fan to artist? 

I fell in love with hip hop in the late 80’s and started writing in the early ’90s. I’d been involved with poetry but Hip-Hop added the musical dynamic and I was hooked.

What city are you from and what’s the Hip-Hop scene like there? 

I’m from Brick City AKA Newark in New Jersey. The Hip-Hop scene was like a star studded event out here in the early 90’s.  Our artists got love worldwide and that vibe is still going until this day 

What producers worked on “God of Barz” and how did you connect with them? 

Jamal Nueve, formally known as Clinton Place, he’s from Newark but moved to LA ten years ago or so.  He’s a very talented warrior and seasoned vet. We hooked up before when as part of the group 050 Boyz, he produced our entire album “Everything 050” in 2015, straight heat rocks.  

Chat One, he’s from Sheffield, “Steel City” in the UK.  We met over 5 years ago, very talented.  He produced all of my LP “Tru Story” in 2018, a straight splasher! 

DNA Beatz is from Chicago, another very talented warrior, and we hooked up like 3 or 4 years ago through our mutual friend DJ Mercury, and we been splashing everything up  ever since. 

Finally, Sumerio Square is from Barcelona in Spain. We hooked up Like 4 years ago and been rocking with my bro all that time.

Who has guest verses on the project and how did you pick them? 

I knew what sound I wanted from the beginning, so when I got the beats I grabbed my warriors up as I knew they’d be well suited. Prince Ak from our group 050 Boyz and local warriors I’ve known for years, Middy Murdock, Fly Kwa and Confucious.

What’s next for Tru Trilla?  

A whole lot. After God of Barz I’m gonna splash ‘em up with the Lord Trilla LP produced entirely by DJ Lord Jazz of the legendary group Lordz of the Underground. Then there’s the JD’s Revenge LP produced entirely by the amazing Chat One, classy but gritty. After that there will be the Brick City to Barcelona project with my warrior Sumerio Square which he’s produced entirely. Straight fire, and I’m working on them joints now.

Photo Courtesy of the artist

Top 5 MC’s Dead or Alive:

PAC, Biggie, Ghost, Nas & Sean P 

Top 4 Places to Perform in NJ:

NJ PAC, Prudential Center, Symphony Hall, Meadowlands

Top 3 Producers you would work with if money was no object:

DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Snowgoons 

Top 2 Songs somebody that never heard of Tru Trilla should check out:

“I Remember” and “God’s Mercy”

Top 1 Reason everybody should check out Tru Trilla right now:  

I’m authentic in my craft. I speak truth. If you want real Hip-Hop and that boom bap sound, I’m your warrior straight up! 050 Dat!!! 

Angelo Gingerelli
Angelo Gingerellihttp://fifthroundmovement.com/
Angelo Gingerelli has been contributing to The Pop Break since 2015 and writing about pop culture since 2009. A Jersey shore native, Gingerelli is a writer, stand-up comic, hip-hop head, sneaker enthusiast, comic book fan, husband, father and supporter of the local arts scene. He likes debating the best rappers of all time, hates discussing why things were better in the “Good Ol’ Days” and loves beating The Pop Break staff at fantasy football. You can catch up with Angelo on Twitter/IG at https://twitter.com/Mr5thround, at his website www.FifthRoundMovement.com or interviewing rising stars in NJ’s Hip-Hop scene on “The A&R Podcast” (iTunes/SoundCloud).


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