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The 100 Season 7 Episode 6 Review: Questions Are Answered, As New Ones Arise 

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Written by Avani Goswami

The 100 Season 7 Episode 6, “Nakara,” takes us to three different planets, each with a compelling story. Also, the timelines are finally set straight, which makes it much less confusing to keep up with. 

Let’s start with the crew on Bardo because the episode kicks off by showing us what Diyoza’s (Ivana Milicevic, Just Like Heaven) been up to. There’s a montage of her getting locked up on Bardo and proceeding to fight every guard she’s faced, before posing as a guard herself. Diyoza’s introduction is great and really captures her character. After she sneaks around Bardo, we see her come across Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulous, Wonder Woman: Bloodlines) and the anomaly crew, Echo (Tasya Teles, Prison Break), Gabriel (Chuky Modu, The Good Doctor), and Hope (Shelby Flannery, As They Fade), as they try to escape the planet. Diyoza and Hope have a touching reunion, but it’s cut short because they really have to move. Octavia also says that Bellamy (Bob Morley, Winners and Losers) is dead which I don’t think is true nor do I accept. 

As they head to the anomaly stone to fight and escape, Octavia comes across Levitt (Jason Diaz, Good Witch) and finds out that they can leave through the oxygen farm. Even though it is deemed unsurvivable, Levitt says they have a chance, and Octavia trusts him. I’m really rooting for these two and think that, of many of the new characters we’ve seen recently, Levitt is the one I’ve warmed up to the fastest. They all head to the door for the oxygen farm, but an old man tells them they can’t go through rebreathers or they’ll eventually die. Then, Echo kills him and Gabriel says that not only has Echo taken it too far, that they can’t risk their lives on this slim chance. So, he stuns his crew and then the Disciples capture them all. It was really upsetting watching Echo kill the old man and then immediately seeing Gabriel surrender them all to the Disciples, but hopefully they have another fast plan to get themselves out of this one. 

Back on Sanctum, things with Sheidheda (JR Bourne, Teen Wolf) are only getting worse. The Eligius prisoners steal the Wonkru guns and Indra (Adina Porter, American Horror Story) feels like she’s losing control of the situation. Indra turns to Madi (Lola Flanery, Home Again) for help as their commander, which was heartbreaking to see since Madi just wants to be a normal kid. She even meets a “Null” boy and a kid who invites them to play soccer, but she has duties to worry about. Then Murphy (Richard Harmon, The Age of Adaline), Emori (Louisa d’Oliveira, Channel Zero), and Jackson (Sachin Sahel, Supergirl) tell Indra there’s no way they can send a kid to talk to Wonkru since it’s extremely dangerous. 

While all of this is happening, Sheidheda in Russell’s body talks to Nelson (Lee Majdoub, Sonic the Hedgehog), who leads the voices of the Children of Gabriel in Sanctum. He realizes that Russell is actually Sheidheda and they begin to strike a deal. I can sense all of the tension building because it seems that the Children of Gabriel and the Eligius prisoners have a common enemy in Wonkru and will seek out power with Sheidheda’s guidance. Indra also realizes, with Murphy and Emori’s help, that she can lead Wonkru and has an incredible scene in which she proves her worth and strength as a leader. I love seeing Indra get more screen time as the show finally realizes the potential she has as a character. 

Then we go back to the crew on the snowy planet Nakara, where they’re trying to find another anomaly stone in order to leave. There is some nice dialogue and banter between the group which was refreshing to see since sometimes it can get pretty serious. They go into a cave where they think the stone will be, where they have to squeeze into a tight space and even fight off a spider that attacks Raven. As they discover the oddities of the place, a wall separates Clarke (Eliza Taylor, The November Man) and Raven (Lindsey Morgan, General Hospital) from Jordan (Shannon Kook, The Conjuring), Niylah (Jessica Harmon, iZombie), and Miller (Jared Joseph, Arrow), which leads Raven to realize that they’re inside a living organism who wants to eat them. Clarke and Raven then have a conversation about the people they’ve killed in order to save the people they love and whether or not that is okay. They finally open up to each other and hug it out after a conversation that seems to mend their friendship. I hope we see more of them working together in the future. 

Soon the walls lift, and Jordan, Niylah, and Miller join the pair, where they see another wall has also opened up the anomaly stone. Raven takes a minute to lock into another planet since the spider creature messed with her suit, but they eventually get it and are ready to leave. Before they go, Miller points out the Second Dawn logo on a piece of fabric next to the stone, which means that people from the bunker or Earth were possibly here. 

The 100 Season 6 Episode 7, ‘Nakara’ was really enjoyable and explained a lot. It definitely wasn’t boring, with so much going on, but I do still have a lot of questions. For one, where is Gaia now? When can we see Bellamy again, since I’m positive he isn’t dead? How is the final war on Sanctum going to play out? And will they go back to Earth this season? As for the last question, I wouldn’t be surprised at all. 

The 100 Season 6 Episode 7, ‘Nakara’ is now streaming on The CW Network app.


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