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‘The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Ever’ Features Ben’s Dull Season & JoJo’s Parade of Trash Men

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Two weeks ago, June 22, was Ben Higgins 

Here’s a quick recap of Ben Higgin’s season, which was fairly boring, so we decided to combine it with Jojo’s season recap. Ben was very charming and had a handful of characters in his contestants. Within this list of characters were a set of twins, a devoted mom, a military veteran, and Jojo! The most scandalous thing that happened with Ben is that he told the 2 final contestants, Lauren and Jojo, that he loved them both. At the time, that was the most scandalous thing, but I think Arie, Colton, and Peter make Ben Higgins look like a saint. 

Also, within this episode Chris Harrison video-chatted with a bunch of different people. He spoke with: 

  • Lace – One of the contestants on Ben’s season who came across as crazy and possessive. 
  • Olivia – The villain of the season. She talked about how that impacted her life outside of the show. 
  • Kayla – Another one of the contestants of the show who’s now engaged and happy. 
  • Dean and Kaylyn – They’ve been together for a year now and wear promise rings but won’t get married because Dean “doesn’t want to get the government involved” 
  • Jojo – Spoke about her time on the show and how she was excited and nervous about reviewing her season next (this) week. 
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Last week, June 29, was Jojo Fletcher

Most of Jojo’s season is fairly standard with nothing terribly surprising. The most interesting parts of the show were watching a very young Wells be super awkward and adorable. And watching Chad, the villain of the show, be a total Chad. I had never seen such a violent contestant before. There have been threats and stuff like that, but Chad basically said that if he couldn’t talk to someone, he resorted to physical violence. He also called Jojo “naggy” on one of the dates, and he should have been sent home then and there. But he didn’t get sent home until he was on a two-on-one and all of this news of him being violent was revealed to Jojo. When he was sent home, the guys in the house had a protein powder ritual (similar to what someone would do with ashes in an urn) to celebrate him being gone. 

Most of the rest of the season recap is them slowly showing Jojo break the hearts of all the men who she doesn’t want to be with. And now, watching it all condensed like this, all of the men who she turned down reacted so poorly, it’s a disgrace. Chase told her that he loved her, and she realized she didn’t have the same feelings for him so she told him she didn’t want to spend the Fantasy Suite with him because it wouldn’t be right to him, and he got all mad with her. He said it wasn’t fair that she turned him down after he revealed that he loved her. Quite frankly, good riddance. You don’t want to end up with someone who reacts that way. In the same 

breath, he definitely will be scarred for the rest of his life and will probably never say “I love you” first again. Oh well. 

The weirdest thing is that during the proposal scene, she told Robbie that she loved him, and that her heart was broken, but she still didn’t choose him? I don’t know how she could go accept someone else’s proposal shortly afterwards. Maybe being in that experience was able to help her forgive Ben a little bit for what he did. 

Here is who Chris Harrison video-chatted with this week: 

  • Wells and Sarah Hyland – Wells, who I know as the bartender on Bachelor in Paradise, was a contestant on Jojo’s season. He is engaged to Sarah Hyland who played Haley Dunphy on Modern Family. They are engaged, and they watched Wells be really goofy on Jojo’s season before being sent home. Sarah was going to leave, but before leaving she got in a “Be sure to register to vote!” which was fucking awesome. 
  • Tyler C – (Damn he is still so handsome) He spoke about his time on Bachelor Nation. He is best friends with Matt James, who will be the next Bachelor. He spoke about his friendship with Matt James and how they were best friends. 
  • Matt James – Jumped onto the video chat with Tyler C. He’s so composed and funny, also quite handsome with a great smile. He mentioned how he’s heard a lot from his friends and everyone he knows. They’re hoping to start his season in a few months, but I don’t know how they could do that since they haven’t even started Claire’s season yet. 
  • Jojo & Jordan – They’re great, moved into their new house, which looks super nice just based on their background. I realized that Jordan had to watch her have that heart-breaking reaction with Robbie. Chris Harrison surprised the couple with Jojo’s parents who arrived with a little wedding cake for them since their wedding date was supposed to be mid-June and it was pushed because of the pandemic. 

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