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Socially Distanced Podcast Episode #16: DAMN Stevens

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Al Mannarino and Bill Bodkin celebrate the four-month anniversary of the podcast with a very special guest (and their first non Pop-Break guest), Kelly McGovern. Kelly is a social media ambassador for a number of independent movie houses in New Jersey and is one of Bill and Al’s favorite people to pop culture with.

In this episode, the trio talk about Kanye West’s announcement via Twitter on July 4 that he will be running for President in the 2020 election. They follow that whole debacle up with their thoughts on the trailer for Seth Rogen’s HBO MAX film, An American Pickle plus their thoughts on Florence Pugh’s future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In the recommendations sections of the podcast Al, Bill and Kelly talk about the phenom that is Hamilton’s debut on Disney plus then Al and Kelly go down the Dan Stevens aka DAMN STEVENS rabbit hole when discussing Eurovision. Musically, Dua Lipa’s album Future Nostalgia, The White Stripes’ record DeStijl and Phoebe Bridgers’ new record Punisher get the big recs this episode.

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