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The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Ever – Brad Womack

Apparently, Brad Womack was labeled as the sexiest Bachelor of all time. Quite frankly, I think he just has a bro look going on. When all of the women met him, their jaws dropped. There were a lot of clips shown about how the women wanted to ravage Brad. 

I’m surprised at how quickly they got to showing his proposal. He dumped the first girl, as usual, but when he went to propose to the second girl, he got very jittery. He told this woman to her face that he couldn’t look her in the eyes and tell her that he loved her. So, he dumped both of the girls. 

Brad was brought back to be the Bachelor again, which is why they blew through his first season in less than an hour’s time. He became the most hated man in America, but compared to what some of the most recent Bachelor’s have done, rejecting both girls seems better than… oh, I don’t know… proposing to one of them, then breaking up with them to choose the other girl instead… I’m looking at you Arie.

The first girl to get out of the limo slapped him across the face. The rest of the girls seemed to interrogate him. He was on edge the whole first night and it really seemed the like the girls were nervous about him. It was a complete 180 from his first group of girls who were swooning all over him. 

Here’s the recipe that all of the Bachelor Greatest Seasons episodes have:

  • They start by going over the Bachelor(ette), as a reminder of who it is.
  • They show some of the contestants getting out of the limo and greeting the Bachelor(ette).
  • They highlight one or two of the really fun group dates with all of the contestants. 
  • They review who the villain of the season was – then Chris Harrison video chats with that person.
  • They focus on the finalists.
  • The finale with the finalists – followed up with Chris video chatting with the Bachelor(ette) of the season in a “Where are they now?” style discussion. 

With this episode, it was no different. They reviewed Michelle as the villain, and how she tried to manipulate his decisions. They talked about Ashley’s time on the show, and how she became the Bachelorette. Next, they talked about his time with Chantelle (who was the woman who slapped him on the first night). A bit of a heart-warming moment was when they showed Brad spend time with Emily and her 5-year-old daughter. They spent the whole day together flying kites, playing games, and just playing around. Emily told him that she was falling in love with him, and he said it back to her. So, it was no surprise that he rejected Chantelle during the finale and proposed to Emily.

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Chris Harrison video-chatted with the following:

Deanna & Jenni (the finalists from his first season)– Both girls thought they were getting married on the day of that finale. The girls just wanted a straight answer from him.

Brad – Who is WAY HOTTER than he was during his season. He’s got a daddy vibe going on with an epic beard and some salt and pepper in his hair. Not to mention that he still has pecks. Brad spoke about how fans cursed him out to his face and how hard that was. When Brad was offered the role of being the Bachelor again, he was terrified. 

Michelle (The Villain) – First of all, he cheek bones are insane. She talked about how obnoxious she was during her season. She mentioned that she was thrilled about Claire being the upcoming Bachelorette. Since the season aired, she has found her true love and has a daughter who is recovering from a serious skateboarding accident.

Ashley and JP – They have two children who are 3 and 5. She said she feels like a completely different person than who she was during Brad’s season. Ashley and JP have been married for about 8 years now. 

Chantelle – She looked very different than she did 10 years prior. One of the things she mentioned was that she didn’t mean to slap him as hard as she did on the first night, but she was nervous and so after she hit him, they were both a little surprised at how hard it was. She had been asked to be the Bachelorette, and she said yes, but she went on a really good blind date with the person who ended up becoming her husband. 

Emily – She had remarried since the show. She said that they both knew that it wasn’t going to work out, but they didn’t end on any kind of hardships. She showed all of her 4 children, including Ricky (her daughter) who was now 14!  

Brad Womack again – He thinks back on the season as a positive memory. He mentioned that he did fall in love with Emily and that it wasn’t any kind of pressure to complete this season correctly, as opposed to previous seasons. Brad mentioned that he was in love and brought his new lady friend onto the camera so we could all see her.  

The Brad Womack episode of The Bachelor Presents: The Greatest Seasons Ever can be streamed on Hulu.


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