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NJ Next: Yvng Scuba

Yvng Scuba is heating up the summer of 2020.  With a multiple songs putting up numbers on the streaming services, an EP on the way and an updated version of a Tyrese classic for the ladies he’s poised to finish the year on an incredibly high note.

NJ Next’s Angelo Gingerelli got a chance to catch-up with Scuba and talk about his next moves… 

When does music enter your life? When do you make the transition from fan to artist? 

I’d say at 8 years old. I wanted to be a rockstar with my guitar and drip sound.

Where are you from and what’s the Hip-Hop scene like there? 

I’m from New Jersey. The music scene is so talented but so underrated because we don’t have many outlets.

You have two songs that have done extremely well this year.  “Scrapin’ The Glass” and “Sweet Baby” sound radically different.  Was it a conscious effort to appeal to two audiences and what inspired each song? 

I wake up in different moods. I can be on my pop star s*** but I come from the mud, so I like to create music that reflects the experiences of growing up in that environment.

Who are your biggest musical influences and were you a big Tyrese fan? (“Sweet Baby” re-works’ Tyrese’s 1998 slow jam “Sweet Lady”). 

S***, I have to say Jimi Hendrix and Aerosmith with a twist of Big L.

What producers, artists, collaborators, etc. can we expect to hear on your EP?

I’ve been working mostly in house with my engineer Tools Da Epic and a few people from overseas. We’re all very diverse musically so the sounds we create have a wide range of influences.

What’s next for Yvng Scuba?  

The Dive EP is my next project. Aside from that, we’re getting ready to release the next single entitled, “Designer Tings” which is inspired by the New Jersey nightlife scene, an untapped market in my opinion. I’m ready for my run once things take off. I have like 4,500 songs in the stash.

Rapid Fire Questions:  These are answered as a list with no explanation:

Top 5 MC’s Dead or Alive: Big L, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Drake, Young Jeezy

Top 4 Producers you would work with if money was no object: Definitely Tools first then Pharrell, Hit Maka, Hit-Boy, Metro Boomin

Top 3 Places to perform in NJ: Definitely PNC Arts Center, Big Leagues Baby, MetLife Stadium, and Starland Ballroom

Top 2 other Jersey artists people should check out: I would say Ceemo Doe & Nate Taylor but New Jersey has so much more it’s crazy.

Number 1 Reason everybody should check out Yvng Scuba: My music is the vibe, truth, light, and guide to New Jersey and our culture.

To hear more Yvng Scuba, click here.

Angelo Gingerelli
Angelo Gingerellihttp://fifthroundmovement.com/
Angelo Gingerelli has been contributing to The Pop Break since 2015 and writing about pop culture since 2009. A Jersey shore native, Gingerelli is a writer, stand-up comic, hip-hop head, sneaker enthusiast, comic book fan, husband, father and supporter of the local arts scene. He likes debating the best rappers of all time, hates discussing why things were better in the “Good Ol’ Days” and loves beating The Pop Break staff at fantasy football. You can catch up with Angelo on Twitter/IG at https://twitter.com/Mr5thround, at his website www.FifthRoundMovement.com or interviewing rising stars in NJ’s Hip-Hop scene on “The A&R Podcast” (iTunes/SoundCloud).

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