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The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons – Ever: Ali Fedotowsky

Something I’ve noticed from the earlier seasons is that during the first night, there are more sessions where the bachelorette sits with a whole group of people before going solo with individual people. 

People may disagree with me but, at a glance, Ali Fedotowsky looks like a young Brittany Spears. They review her first night in the house and some of the conflicts that started brewing among the men. They showed the group date with the sexy man calendar, and the shenanigans that ensued from that. 

The first villain of this season is a wrestler with a broken foot named Justin. His wrestler name is Rated-R. They show this man, on crutches, walking along a long, winding, road. There’s no way that he walked in the heat with a broken foot for a few miles. The rest of the guys thought he was just promoting himself as a wrestler and didn’t think he was there for the right reasons. If I took a shot every time, they said right reasons I would have been drunk an hour into this episode.

Justin’s biggest competitor was a marketing person named Casey. Casey had a one-on-one with Ali and they were starting to open up to each other and out of nowhere he just started singing at her and… oh my god …. It was so awkward and weird. He wasn’t a bad singer, but he’s definitely not good. She said that the singing didn’t seem genuine to her and called him out on it. Casey wanted to prove he was there for the right reasons, so he got a tattoo for her. It was of a rose on top of a shield.  

So of course, Justin and Casey end up on a two-on-one date. Casey (the guy who will forever be known as the contestant who got tattooed on the Bachelorette) showed her the tattoo, and of course she was super overwhelmed by it because that’s so unnecessarily dramatic. She sent Casey home and decided to keep Justin around. But here’s where it gets juicy. At a later point in time, Chris Harrison met up with Ali separately to deliver some news to her. The news was that Justin actually had a girlfriend, and Chris Harrison had his girlfriend on the phone, and she was crying to Ali Fedotowsky.

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She was talking about how Justin was only on the show to get his foot in the door of the entertainment industry. Ali was PISSED and she rushed over to the room where the guys were staying. She gathered all the guys together and called Justin out in front of everyone and then Justin basically ran away from her. He grabbed his wallet, passport, and walked out the door. Ali and the cameras chased him, and he would not stop to talk with her. He eventually sat next to her and told her some shitty story that was obviously bullshit. Here’s my favorite part, while they showed the footage of him leaving the hotel and trying to hail a cab, they were playing the messages that he left for his girlfriend! And he was talking about how much he loved her and how they were meant to be. It’s the wildest thing I’ve seen on the Bachelorette in a while. 

Casey was sent home because he was too much for Ali Fedotowsky. Justin was sent home because he lied to everyone’s face the whole time he was on the show. At least Ali still had Frank, right? …Oh boy.

Frank told Ali that he planned on leaving because he was still in love with his ex-girlfriend. Before heading to Tahiti, he went to Chicago to see his ex-girlfriend to get closure with her, and instead he was reminded about why he had feelings for her. So, he dumped Ali in Tahiti. Poor Ali… This girl just can’t catch a break. Once Frank left, the rest of the episode was pretty standard and boring. 

Roberto and Chris were the finalists for Ali. What was interesting is that she visited Chris before the final rose and told him she loved the other guy. As brutal as it was, at least he didn’t propose to her and then get rejected, which always feels so harsh. Ali accepted Roberto’s proposal, but unfortunately, they only lasted for about a year and a half before ending their relationship. 

Photo Credit: ABC

Chris Harrison video-chatted with the following:

Casey – said that he seemed surprised at how much the tattoo thing blew up. He said that he still talks to Justin to this day. He also introduced Chris to his wife and baby (who was an absolute chonk with giant cheeks!) 

Justin – He admitted that he had someone he cared about back home before going on the show, but he would not put the label of girlfriend on it. He said he was so much younger back then, and how he’s grown in the last 10 years. He talked about his escape plan getting out of the hotel and away from the video-crew. He admitted that he is now in a relationship that is going well, and that “Rated-R” is now retired. Thank God.

Frank – Chris mentioned how brutal the goodbye was between him and Ali, and Frank mentioned that it was still one of the most brutal things. He mentioned that he had met Nicole (his ex-girlfriend at the time) before the show started. He regretted not getting closure with Nicole before going onto the show. Frank ended up being with Nicole for over 2 years, but it wasn’t meant to be. He admitted that he kept in touch with Ali and they even met up after the show was over.  

Chris – The spoke about how she dumped him before the final rose ceremony and how much that hurt him. About the symbolism with his mother being a rainbow and after Ali left, he saw a giant rainbow and knew his mother was there to support him. And they soke about how he met his wife.

Ali Fedotowsky – She mentioned how different her, and Roberto were. They didn’t bring out the best in each other, but she mentioned that they are still friends. She also mentioned that with Casey, she had to force herself to not laugh when he was singing. And with Justin, she was honestly more upset for his girlfriend that he cheated on. She also mentioned how she was heart-broken when Frank turned her away. She would have potentially chosen Frank, but in the end, it wouldn’t have worked out. She said Frank was exactly the kind of guy that she told her producers she wanted to date. Ali is also a wife and a mom of two now! 

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever featuring Ali Fedotowsky is now streaming on Hulu.


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