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The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever: Jason Mesnick

Jason Mesnick was turned down on Deanna Pappas season. The most jarring thing is that it is clear this is was filmed over a decade ago because the fashion is extremely dated. The girls are in satin mini dresses and they’re wearing bumps in their hairs. Jason is wearing a spotted tie with a striped shirt, and it’s not great. As someone who loves fashion, it’s a bit painful to watch. The video quality isn’t as good as it is now.

There was a kissing contest, which is really gross because like, one girl kissed him and then another girl immediately kissed him and then the last girl kissed him and it’s like really gross for that last girl who basically got the spit of all the other girls. They went over one of the girls who was basically a stalker. On the first night she told him all of the information she knew about him. As if she wanted to know all of the trivia about him. She knew information about his brother, about his brother’s wife, about his birthday. She told him that he couldn’t let her go, and it’s so damn weird. She’s said she wanted to meet his brother, wanted to meet his cousin, and it was so damn weird. 

They reviewed Jason’s time on the show with Stephanie. Stephanie had a daughter who she loved, and for one of the episodes they surprised Stephanie by bringing her onto the show and Jason and Stephanie spent the day with her daughter on the beach and then an amusement park. It was really cute and seemed like a lot of fun.

Jason went to a hometown with a family that had a very eccentric mother. She asked him about how he felt about reincarnation, which is an interesting topic to discuss the first time you meet someone. She also apparently hit a dove with her car, and then proceeded to take the dove home, wrap it up and put it in her fridge. Apparently, she wanted the family to bury it in the backyard and she wanted Jason to give the eulogy. I can’t even imagine how embarrassing that must have been for the girl.

They reviewed the final two girls. Melissa Rycroft and Molly Malaney were the finalists.  

Jason Mesnick

They got to the final episode with the proposals and they showed Molly walking up to him. She gave him this beautiful story about how much she loved him, and he told her that he wasn’t going to choose her. Jason walked her to the limo, told her that he fell in love with her very early on, and then the limo left. Jason cried pretty hard after sending home Molly. Melissa approached Jason and he proposed to her and things were lovely until the After the Final Rose episode. 

During the episode, Jason admitted that the chemistry was different after the cameras were off. He admitted that he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Molly. He admitted that he is still in love with Molly. He said that he didn’t want to regret it if he didn’t bring it up with Molly. Chris Harrison brought Melissa out so Jason could break up with her on stage (which feels really savage). Jason told her that they weren’t right for each other and you watched her face dropped. Then her face dropped, and she got on the defensive, which I can’t blame her about.

Then he told her that he had feeling for Molly still, and I can’t imagine how much this hurt her. Then Melissa started speaking in the third person, which was interesting. Then she called him a bastard. And he said he didn’t regret anything that he did with her, which is crazy because like, he took away her first proposal and that just isn’t something she’ll ever be able to get back. And what’s interesting is that she seemed more mad than sad with him. She handed him back the ring and said, “don’t call me, don’t text me anymore, I don’t want to hear from you” and she left. In the limo home she said she put up the angry wall so he wouldn’t see how much he actually hurt her. 

Molly joined Chris on stage during the After the Final Rose episode. She admitted that she still had feelings for him, but she was just looking for closure from him. He told her how he ended things with Melissa because he still had feelings for her (Molly). He told her how he was hoping they could try going on a date. Obviously, she was blindsided. She admitted that she was glad that this happened though, and they kissed. 

Jason eventually got married to Molly while it was pouring rain outside. 

Jason Mesnick, Molly Mesnick
Photo Credit: ABC

Chris Harrison video-chatted with:

Stephanie – She looks like a doll in a doll house. Sometimes when Chris video-chats with women from older seasons, you can see the newer hair style and makeup, but Stephanie did not modernize at all. She was sitting on a pale pink suede couch… I didn’t even know they still made those. They brought her daughter onto the video-chat and she’s 15 years old now. It’s funny to see her as such a young child on Jason’s season into such a lovely young lady. Stephanie and her daughter both seem really wholesome and she didn’t have any kind of vengeful vibe, even though her and Jason didn’t end up working out. 

Jillian – She was the hotdog person on his season. Her eyebrows are PRONOUNCED. She seems like a really fun person. She was talking about when she was laying by the pool and she didn’t shave her legs or wear lotion or anything, and she thought she was going to get kicked out, but instead, she got chosen for the first date!

Melissa – She looks great! She admitted that she hadn’t watched Jason’s season or the After the Final Rose episode. She said it was so long ago that it makes her cringe now. She discussed how after the show ended and they had to be long-distant, it was hard for both of them. She then spoke about how if she didn’t go through that experience, she wouldn’t have had the strength to get with the person who she eventually married and had 3 children with. 

Jason and Molly – Jason filled out, he’s got like a dad-bod now. They spoke about how Jason broke down after he originally sent Molly home. She said that she had no idea that was how he reacted. Chris Harrison is going to renew their vows on the video-chat.

Next week is Nick’s season of the Bachelor! 

The Bachelor: The Greatest Season – Ever! featuring Jason Mesnick is now streaming on Hulu.


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