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The Socially Distanced Podcast #22: The Corn Sweats

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This week The Socially Distanced Podcast heads to the golden fields of Iowa as Al and Bill are joined by Pop Break staff writer, Christian Bischoff.  Christian gives us the insight on a phenomenon called The Corn Sweats, and if you thinking we’re kidding you’re dead wrong.

Once the science lesson ends, we dive into the big story — Disney’s decision to move Mulan to Disney+ at $30 price tag. The trio discuss the ramifications of this — especially if Mulan is a hit — on VOD and movie theaters in the future. They also discuss the price point they’d be willing to go on a film on demand and would this VOD model work for concerts and festivals.

Later in the episode Al, Bill and Christian talk about the trailer for the new Charlie Kaufman film I’m Thinking of Leaving You as well as the Duffer Brothers announcement that the Stranger Things story would not end, as originally intended, with Season 4.

Music Recs for This Week Are:

Al: ‘Prom Queen’ by Beach Bunny

Bill: ‘Cheap Regrets’ by The Districts

Christian: ‘Clenched Teeth’ by Okay Kaya

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