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The Bachelor – The Greatest Seasons – Nick Viall 

Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor was the first season I ever watched, so this review is very sentimental to me. What I didn’t know at the time is that he was on two different back to back seasons of The Bachelorette and then he was on Bachelor in Paradise, THEN he got his own season of The Bachelor

They started off by showing some of the women meeting Nick for the first time. Some were awkward, and I was really surprised that they didn’t show Alexis’ entrance, since she came in the shark suit, and she was one of the first girls to greet the Bachelor in costume. In the meantime, I was super excited to see some of my favorite girls on screen again, like Rachel, Raven, Vanessa, and of course Corrine. Very early on, they establish that Corrine was the villain of the season because she went right into a make out session with Nick on the first night. 

One of the dates they recapped was the photoshoot group date. All of the girls got assigned a specific kind of bride (like a shotgun bride, a princess bride, and others) and they did photoshoots with Nick matching the style of bride he was with. Corrine was assigned a vacation bride, or something like that because she was just in a bikini and a veil. While she was in the pool posing with Nick, she took her bikini top off and did poses with him like that, which really made the other girls uncomfortable and established Corrine’s villainess. 

Corrine was easily labeled a villain because she was young and spontaneous, and she had a nanny. Corrine did her own thing and had such a fun time with Nick and the other girls fought with her because they didn’t think she was being serious. My favorite Corrine moment was when she got one of the date roses, so she decided to nap through the rose ceremony. The villain almost always ends up on a two-on-one date with their rival. On this instance, it was with Taylor, who didn’t think she was there for the right reasons and constantly argued with her. Well, of course Nick picked Corrine and she made it all the way to hometowns before being sent home. 

Then they reviewed Nick’s relationship with Rachel and how much it meant to him. Rachel was such an amazing woman; I was so happy to see her excel as far as she did on his season. And, obviously, I was beyond excited when she got picked to be the Bachelorette. Nick went to church with her, and Nick really seemed into her. It was a little uncomfortable when he met Rachel’s family because they brought up the racial differences between them and confronted him about how different their lives were. Then they showed the scene of Nick picking Vanessa over Rachel, and we were all heart broken. 

The last bit of the show was Nick falling for Vanessa and Raven. I very specifically remember rivaling with my now fiancé because I was so sure he was going to pick Raven, but he ended up going with Vanessa, and they didn’t last that long because Vanessa wasn’t ready to leave Canada and Nick wasn’t ready to leave America. But it’s ok guys, because Nick is now doing funny Halo-Top commercials, so it’s all good. 

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Chris Harrison video-chatted with the following:

Alexis: Chris Harrison asked her if her costume was a dolphin or a shark and she responded by saying “In a world full of sharks, I choose to be a dolphin.” She did a dolphin call on screen and seemed like she was having a fun time. Alexis said she hadn’t changed a bit and she still seemed like a really fun person. She said that she had found love since then and was happy, which is really good for her.

Kristina: She mentioned how she was nervous meeting Nick. She didn’t realize the weight her story carried among Bachelor Nation, and she said it inspired her.

Taylor: She said it was a mind fuck because she was being bullied while she was accused of bullying. She also discussed how she’s been experimenting with relationships in general, especially polyamorous relationships. Taylor never explicitly said it, but it was clear by how she spoke that she most definitely identifies as pansexual, and honestly, good for her. She’s not currently seeing anyone but she said “that’s what vibrators a are for.”

Corrine: It looks like she’s wearing a semi-open bath robe… She mentioned that she still naps at least twice a day. The girls would get mad if she wanted time with Nick, or they would get mad if she did her own thing. She mentioned how people either love or hate her, and Taylor HATED her. She was eating cheese pasta with her boyfriend who she met over Instagram. Apparently, they nap together as well. So I’m glad that she’s happy and doing well.

Taesha and Natasha: Taesha was very excited and was talking about how she resonated with Rachel when she brought Nick to the church. Natasha spoke about how she may not have been on the Bachelor if Rachel wasn’t represented as the Bachelorette because Rachel helped girls like her feel like she was represented.

Raven: She looks great now, but she mentioned that she thought she was going to ride off into the sunset with Nick. She borrowed her ex boyfriend’s laptop to apply for the show while he wasn’t in the room. Raven was far too good for Nick, and now she’s very close to getting married to Adam, who she met on BIP.

Vanessa: She said Nick was easy to connect with. She was happy to have seen the softer side of him before falling in love with him, and she knew she was going to be the person selected. She discussed that she moved to the US for him, but it just couldn’t work. They recently texted a few times, but they realized they just weren’t right for each other.

Nick Viall: He thought the group dates were weird. He said he didn’t regret sending anyone home, but he related to the people he sent home and it didn’t feel good. Chris got Nick a Rocky 4 movie poster that was an original artwork of him and Chris Harrison, then they showed the montage of Nick pretending to be Rocky. 

You can catch the Nick Viall episodes of The Bachelor, Bachelor in Paradise and The Bachelorette on Hulu.


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