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Kevin Smith Brings Mooby’s Pop Up to Red Bank, New Jersey

As well all slowly adjust to whatever exactly this “new normal” is, I am always extremely grateful anytime fans can attend any sort of legit event.

Regardless of our current situation in the apparent 2020 Bizarro World, fans of Kevin Smith’s View Askewniverse were treated to a real life Mooby’s fast food restaurant this week in Red Bank, New Jersey. The pop-up took over local pizza place Gianni’s (5 Wikoff Place, Red Bank, NJ 07701) and served as a once in a lifetime experience to some very appreciative fans. The icing on the cake?  Some very special guest appearances.

That’s right, the Jersey Icon himself — actor, director, writer, commencement speaker, Comic Book Man, Silent Bob/Iron Bob himself — Kevin Smith made a few appearances throughout the day to meet with his fans.  I’ll admit I legit popped when Smith came walking up to the shop, grabbing fans phones and taking selfies with every single person.  Smith said, “I just came back to get some more food!”

Smith went the extra mile as  he went to every outdoor table and chatted with everyone. He made sure he didn’t miss anyone. As if having a real life Mooby’s for a few days wasn’t enough, this was the magic fans so sorely need during these tough times. Thank you Mr. Smith for making the trip back to New Jersey and taking the time for everyone

Not to be outdone, Brian O’Halloran (Clerks) would also show up for a quick bite wearing his Mooby’s staff shirt.  O’Halloran also took the time to take some pictures with the fans.  Again, extra mile stuff right here.

The food itself was actually pretty darn good. I got the Cowtipper (Double Cheeseburger) and “Onion Rings to Rule Them All.” Fans could also purchase Mooby’s Merch including cups, lunch boxes, tees, and even signed memorabilia.

The exterior of the restaurant itself was pretty stellar as parts were painted purple and all of the Gianni’s signage was legit replaced by Mooby’s Banners and Stickers.  It looked legit! Fans were even treated to photo ops with the signature “I Assure You We’re Open” sign from Clerks and giant blow up Bluntman and Chronic decorations. Super fun.

One of the local Red Bank Police Officers even came up and started taking pictures of everything.  He said, “I’m not here as a cop, I’m just here as a fan!”

Tickets for Mooby’s Pop Up are already sold out, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Smith and crew had a few more surprises up their sleeves in the years to come.  Snoochie Boochies!!

Editor’s Note: There are few spots open now for Mooby’s. Click here for tickets.

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