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Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 Begins with the Highly Emotional ‘Tsunami Spirts’

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Unsolved Mysteries has been a part of my life since childhood. When Netflix brought it back, I wasn’t sure if they would capture the spookiness, sadness, and mystery of the original series with Robert Stack as the host. Yet, I did find myself quite enjoying Volume 1.

On Monday October 19, 2020 Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 hit Netflix. The first episode of Volume 2 “Tsunami Spirits” arrived just in time for Halloween. I’m sure most Americans are aware of the tragic event that happened on March 11, 2011 in Japan. And, if you’re not allow me to give some background. A 9.0-9.1 magnitude earthquake hit a small island that was followed by a devastating tsunami. As a result of the tsunami that thrashed Tōhoku region (northeastern Honshu), a nuclear accident occured after this tragic string of events.

“Tsunami Spirits” explains all of this and so much more. The episode tackles death, loss, and of course, lost spirits that occurred during the earthquake and tsunami. If you have never lived through a natural disaster this episode captures the scope of human emotion tied to such a loss.

“Tsunami Spirits” is a deep, emotional episode as so many people in the community where the tsunami hit were interviewed. I’ve never cried over an episode of Unsolved Mysteries and I’ve seen nearly every episode. But this one punched me right in the feels. Tales from survivors finding the bodies of their loved ones, and even more sad but sweet tales of how loved ones saw spirits of the lost saying goodbye.

This first episode of Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 still captured the spooky and mysterious factor quite well. The spooky factor was the only thing that I thought was missing from the first volume of the reboot. I’m glad to see the variety of tales come back into the series.

Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 (and Volume 1) are currently streaming on Netflix.

Sheena Fisher
Sheena Fisher
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