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The Stand Episode 7, ‘The Walk’ Review: Road Trips Are The Best Trips

The Stand Episode 7 The Walk
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Minor spoilers for The Stand Episode 7, ‘The Walk’ to follow.

It’s hard to admit that sometimes, I don’t exactly know what I want or what I’m talking about. For all of my complaints about the lack of action-packed and horror elements, I absolutely fell in love with an episode that harkens back to the original premise: road trips (not the brother of Captain Tripps).

That’s not to say these specific elements are not present. I know I’ve given some things away here before, but when something so violent and horrific happens to two main characters, I find it imperative that it needs to be seen and not read in a review. That being said, “The Walk” focuses on two different buddy road trips, if you will: Nadine and Harold in Group A, and Stu, Larry, Glen and Ray in Group B. The former has left Boulder to venture to Vegas, believing they will finally be one with Flagg. The latter, sent by Mother Abigail, are also venturing to Vegas, towards certain death to fulfill God’s will. We get a lot of smooth character development between the two parties.

Without giving too much away, both groups are headed for despair and certain death. The difference between them is Abigail’s group has come to terms with the idea they may not return to their town. They enjoy stories between themselves, ready for whatever their infiltration of Vegas brings to them. Nadine and Harold, however, are certain they are in for a life of riches and power, never once believing Flagg is out for himself and himself alone.

I feel like I say this every time the kid is on screen but damn, Owen Teague is so good. Harold is supposed to be highly unlikeable. Whiny, entitled and incredibly possessive, he’s the perfect mixture for us to despise. Yet, through sheer acting gravitas, Harold is one of the most empathetic characters. He’s a kid, one who grew up in a world of ridicule and bullying who finds himself stuck in a new world where even less people give a damn about him. Though his actions are wrong, and we understand that, we know he is not only misled by false promises and prophets, but irreversibly damaged by circumstances out of his control.

Nadine’s actions are finally fully realized here as she meets the literal man of her dreams, reaping her “reward” for all the “good” she’s done in the name of Satan. I’ve never been the biggest fan of the Nadine character (even less of an Amber Heard fan), but her arc hits a high point here, culminating in some horrific imagery. Again, no major spoilers, but we do get to see Flagg’s demonic form as he takes Nadine’s virginity (I…guess?), a truly memorable scene translated perfectly to screen.

Stu, Larry, Glen and Ray have a lot more fun, for a lack of a better word. (Sidebar, Ray has been ever present since the second episode, but never had major screentime, but he is a member of the committee and a good friend to Stu). We get a sense of community here, strangers thrown together to form a bond, a pseudo-family. It’s ironic to think that none of these people would have ever met if not for this virus, but here we see them sharing stories and possibilities of the future as if they have known each other for years.

The Stand Episode 7, ‘The Walk’ is, believe it or not, the best episode of this show so far. After last week’s epic, I didn’t think I’d be saying that but here we are. What a smart move by the showrunners, slowing things down just enough to not overload the viewer but to keep us on track. This show has been a roller coaster, and the ride has been enjoyable. The past two weeks have been two upside down loops in succession. Hopefully some corkscrews are added to that in the following weeks.

The Stand Episode 7, ‘The Walk’ is now Streaming on CBS All Access.


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