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Roses & Rejections Podcast: The Bachelor Season 25 Episode 5

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Welcome back to another episode of our new podcast all about the ABC reality series The Bachelor and its many spinoffs.

ThePopBreak.com’s Michelle Coraci, who has been recapping all things Bachelor for The Pop Break for years, and her co-host and husband DJ Chapman, of Mostly Nitpicking. This week they looks at The Bachelor Season 25 Episode 5.

This week, karma bites the bullies in the butt as they’re sent home during the opening rose ceremony. Rachel gets spoiled, while the other girls are put in a shitty situation. Kit has a sweet one on one, and it seems like we’re getting a two on one at the beginning of the next episode!

Check back next Friday for their coverage of the next episode of Season 25!

Official ABC Press Release on The Bachelor Season 25 Episode 5

“With a rose ceremony looming, Matt has a few tough conversations, making it clear to the house that toxic behavior won’t fly; but not everyone takes that news to heart and one woman finds herself in an emotional spiral of denial. Later, the group date showcases Matt’s country roots and reveals who is comfortable getting down and dirty. Two one-on-one dates lead to a shopping spree for one woman and a delicious home-cooked meal for the other.”

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