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The Space Jam Website – A Time Capsule You Never Knew You Needed

Written by Rachel Rodriguez

So far, 2021 has been a spillover of 2020 with very little end to the pandemic in sight. As the days pass, people are searching for new sources of comfort, with social interactions at a minimum and quality time spent with loved ones becoming a new source of anxiety for some. We have always known nostalgia to be a source of comfort, hence the influx of sequels and remakes we’ve seen over the years. Therefore, during the widespread paranoia of the pandemic, where comfort is sought at an all-time high – nostalgia continues to be a fool-proof method of relief.

It was announced in 2019 that the lovable Looney Tunes cast would be making a return to the big screen in Space Jam: A New Legacy. After a change in directors and omission of original Space Jam (1996) cast members (i.e. Pepe Le Pew), and Michael Jordan who will be replaced by Lebron James, the release date has finally been announced for July 16, 2021. Honestly, this sequel could not have come at a better time – in a time where the gravity of the world seems a little heavier, we all needed a lighthearted tale to lift our spirits. 

With the sequel making headlines, and headlines of COVID-19 piling up, now is a great time to revisit the Space Jam website. The Space Jam website carries all the charm of the film – the cute space-themed widgets, the voices of the cast, and the original soundtrack. What makes this website truly worth visiting though, and what drives home its nostalgic pull, is the formatting – which appears to have been unchanged since 1997. As the rest of the world committed itself to the hyper-rapid speed of change brought upon by technological advances, the Space Jam website has held true to its roots. It played a game of chess rather than checkers, and it’s payoff is worth it. Now, as the new generation of internet goers view the ’90s as a distant past (not so flattering to a 90’s baby such as myself), new-age influencers are flocking towards the 90’s style aesthetic. 

If you have yet to visit the Space Jam website (spacejam.com), I highly encourage you to do so. On its homepage you can find links to behind the scenes footage, cast bios, production notes, and coloring book pages to print. It’s extremely fun to play around with the links, and surprising how many are still fully functioning. If you’d like to brush up on your Space Jam knowledge before its sequel’s debut, this is a great way to do so! Also, if you happen to want a Space Jam screensaver, here’s the place to get it – if you have Windows ‘95, of course.  

Space Jam starring Michael Jordan is Available on Amazon Prime Video. Space Jam: A New Legacy is Scheduled for Theatrical Release & Release on HBO MAX on July 16, 2021.

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