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Socially Distanced Podcast #50: The One-Year Anniversary Show

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We celebrate the one-year anniversary of the podcast on this landmark (sorta) episode of The Socially Distanced Podcast. This episode it’s just your hosts Al Mannarino and Bill Bodkin talking about the last 365 days of the Socially Distanced. In the episode they look back at the initial Episode 0 which Bill somehow managed turning into a 90 minute episode.

They discuss the trends of the last year, how the podcast was not only a great hang but also highly therapeutic especially during the tumultuous times of 2020 and 2021. They also discuss the future of the podcast as well as some of their favorite episodes, special guests, and the pieces of pop culture that helped them through all of this.

Here’s the complete subject break down of The Socially Distanced Podcast Episode 50 – The One Year Anniversary Show

The First Episode:

*Al was working from his original Mancave – now in his 5th (?) location?
*How Bill conned Al into turning a 10-minute Episode 0 into a full 90 minute episode.
*Bill’s Daughter Constant Cameo on the Episode.
*How Very, Very, Very, VERY wrong Al and Bill were about Tom Brady going to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

A Year in the Pod:

*The guys picks for their Top 3 Favorite Episodes.
*What the Pod has meant to them.
*Something In the Year of the Pod We Hope Ends Post-Pandemic or You’re Glad is No Longer Relevant.
*Our Personal Best Recommendation.
*Why We Became a Disney+ Stan Podcast.
*What Pop Culture kept them sane in quarantine.

The Future of the Pod:

*Preview of the Falcon & Winter Soldier Series/Upcoming plans
*If we’ll go back to the old format
*Plans for the pod post-pandemic/Wish list for the pod

Big Thanks to Previous Guests:

Kat Manos, Lucas P. Jones, Alisha Weinberger, Anthony Toto, Rachel Freeman, Rob Crowther, Laura Dengrove, Ben Murchison, Cole Rothacker, Ryan DeMarco, Matt Taylor, Kelly McGovern, Nick Porcaro, Tommy Siegel, Christian Bischoff, Dan Cohen, Alex Marcus, Brent Johnson, Melissa Jouben, Ken Grand-Pierre, Taylor Allen and Eddie Pence

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