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‘Nailed It: Double Trouble!’ Delivers Crowd-Pleasing Comedy & Culinary Disasters

Nailed It!
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Written by Rachel Rodriguez

Nailed It is back for its fifth season, and it has decided to take a bit of a turn by having its contestants work in pairs rather than individually (hence the series new title Nailed It: Double Trouble!). This was a welcomed change, as it added some intensity to the challenges, but also some more laughs and silly antics.

With the addition of paired contestants, we get a great mix of themes, such as mother/child teams and best friend duos. The general premise of the show stayed the same – the contestants first chose one of three options for their first desserts, the winner of the first challenge wins the iconic golden baker’s cap, and the team with the worst dessert gets a help button for the final round. The final round is where things get really interesting as the contestants are asked to produce a cake that is nearly impossible to recreate.

Nicole Byer continues to host the show, and her skills as a host have only gotten sharper. She delivers laughs without being too over the top, and her conversations with fellow judge Jacque Torres and Wes [Weston Bahr], a member of the set crew, are still fresh and lighthearted. The guest judges this season also show a little bit more range. This season features stand-up comedians and actors: Andrea Savage (I’m Sorry), Ron Funches (Harley Quinn), Lil Rel Howrey (Get Out), Bobby Lee (Splitting Up Together) and Brian Posehn (Mr. Show with Bob & David) as well as rapper A$ap Ferg. The guest judges all flow really well with the spirit of the show and their comments are organic and interesting.

Overall, this continues to be a show that audiences of all ages can enjoy. While watching it, my mother got super into it as well, and my eight-year-old nephew said he loved it. So, given their rave reviews, it’s clear that this show is great for some great quality time with family.

Nailed It: Double Trouble! is now streaming on Netflix.

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