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Comic Review: IDW Transformers Beast Wars #3

Transformers Beast Wars #3 picks up right where we left off, immediately following events at the end of the last.  Our new hero is found captive and being subjected to various forms of torture by our fan favorite Predacon.  This begins the catalyst for the inevitable face turn by a heroic Predacon-turned-Maximal.

The primary focus of this issue falls onto Nyx, the original character created by IDW.  It’s an interesting character in my opinion, is youthful and inexperienced yet able to withstand a severe amount of punishment in the interest of protecting the Maximals.

I don’t think we’ve quite had a character like this before in Beast Wars history.  There have been some characters who are honorable and noble in action such as Tigatron, Silverbolt, and Dinobot.  Perhaps this character resembles more of the Autobot Hot Rod.

This issue has three main plot points. One focusing on the character of Nyx, the second on the inevitable betrayal, and third, a glimpse into how each faction leader shows confidence and leadership in front of others.

It is clear Optimus resembles his iconic cartoon counterpart in most aspects, however displays some instances of doubt and uncertainty. Megatron, on the other hand shows little remorse and zero tolerance for disobedience.

This issue felt like a fast we need because a lot to place in a short period of time.  It seems to plot points are being fast tracked in an effort to build tours a bigger story arc as a whole.

As always I credit the writer Erik Burnham and artist Josh Burcham.  I maintain my freeze for the writing and art complementing each other very well in portraying all the transformers in each issue.  The work shows a more lighthearted and enjoyable story, yet still conveys an ominous tone when necessary.  It’s an enjoyable read, and I continue to recommend it for new and old fans alike.

Transformers Beast Wars #3 is now available at your local comic book retailer


Michael Dworkis
Michael Dworkis
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