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Roses and Rejections Podcast: The Circle Season 2 Edition

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Welcome back to another episode of our podcast all about the ABC reality series The Bachelor and it’s many spinoffs, hosted by ThePopBreak.com’s Bachelor Expert Michelle Coraci and DJ Chapman, of Mostly Nitpicking. Now that The Franchise is on hiatus, they are checking in on some of their other favorite shows across the dial. 

This week, Michelle and DJ review Netflix’s The Circle Season 2. They discuss what it does well, their favorite contestants, moments, and even talk about a few spoilers.

Here’s Netflix’s official plot summary of The Circle Season 2:

“Season 2 of The Circle returns bigger and better, with more twists, turns, and shade thrown in all 13 episodes! A cast of eight new contestants enter The Circle, where they flirt, befriend, piss off, and compete in challenges against each other on a unique social media platform to earn the ultimate cash prize as top influencer. With $100k on the line, will they be able to earn clout and figure out who is real and who is a catfish? The Circle is a four-week must-watch social media competition launching on April 14 and continuing with new episodes on April 21, 28, and finale on May 5th.”

Check back in two weeks, for a new dating show, and don’t forget to follow the show @roses&rejections on Twitter!

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