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Socially Distanced #60: The One Where We Return to the Old Format

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The Socially Distanced Podcast return to its old format (well, for one week at least). Hosts Al Mannarino and Bill Bodkin are joined by Pop Break’s music editor and the unofficial third host of the series — Kat Manos.

Seriously WTF: Al, Bill, and Kat talk about Amazon’s purchase of MGM Studios. They break down how the biggest acquisition is easily James Bond. They look at Bond’s future on Amazon and if there could be spin-offs that would head to the streaming platform of Prime Video and if that would propel them into the upper echelon of streamers. The talk devolves into Bond talk and some jokes about Timothy Dalton.

A Slice of Fried Gold: The conversion stays in the world of cinema when the trio break down the trailer for Edgar Wright’s new film — Last Night in SoHo. The film — which will be released in the fall — stars Matt Smith and Anya Taylor Joy. They discuss Wright’s filmography, what they expect from the film and more.

A Glimmer of Hope: In an extended conversation, Kat, Bill and Al look at the return of live music — outdoor festivals, indoor concerts, social distancing, masks and more. Plus they discuss their ideal concerts — which breaks into a massive talk about Oasis.

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