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And the Winner Still Is Season 3: The 1929/1930 Oscars

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Matt Taylor and our film editor Marisa Carpico are finally back for a third season of their Oscar retrospective podcast, And the Winner Still Is….

They break down the Best Picture nominees and discuss the major categories like Director and the Actresses. As well as a few of their own personal snubs and under-appreciated films from each year.

This episode, they discuss the 1929/1930 Oscars, including Best Picture winner, All Quiet on the Western Front. Elsewhere in the episode, they compare Greta Garbo’s two performances as Anna Christie, struggle to understand Maurice Chevalier’s appeal and spend some time thirsting over Chester Morris.

The other nominees for Picture that year were DisraeliThe Big HouseThe Divorcee and The Love Parade.

For the other major categories, the nominees for the 1929/1930 Oscars were:

Best Director:

Lewis Milestone – All Quiet on the Western Front
Clarence Brown – Romance
Clarence Brown – Anna Christie
Ernst Lubitsch – The Love Parade
King Vidor – Hallelujah
Robert Z. Leonard – The Divorcee

Best Actor:

George Arliss – Disraeli
George Arliss – The Green Goddess
The Rogue Song – Lawrence Tibbett
Maurice Chevalier – The Love Parade
Maurice Chevalier – The Big Pond
Ronald  Colman – Condemned!
Ronald Colman – Bulldog Drummond
Wallace Beery – The Big House

Best Actress:

Norma Shearer – The Divorcee
Gloria Swanson – The Trespasser
Greta Garbo – Romance
Greta Garbo – Anna Christie
Nancy Carroll – The Devil’s Holiday
Norma Shearer – Their Own Desire
Ruth Chatterton – Sarah and Son

Listen to the previous episode here.

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